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A fine-tuned appreciation for quality is key among the long list of reasons for Pasadena area Realtor Ted Clark's success. His vision for a property's potential is insightful. He knows what he likes, and is perceptive at learning his client's preferences and delivering what appeals to them.

Long before becoming a licensed realtor some twenty years ago, Ted was a student of design, architecture and landscape. His appreciation for a thoughtfully created garden space or tastefully decorated living room was developed over a lifetime among the wonderful homes of Altadena and Pasadena where he was raised. His intimate knowledge and careful observation of every part of this territory gives Ted — and his clients — an exceptional advantage in the market.

Among his colleagues, Ted enjoys a reputation for both skill and integrity. He combines the assertiveness required to negotiate the best for his clients with the warmth essential in cultivating significant relationships. Ted has many friends in the Pasadena area real estate field, and many clients who've become friends through working together. Ted's clients quickly learn that he goes above and beyond to deliver what they need. One couple praised his "keen eye and uncanny sense of when to push for more and when to pull back or hold firm. It is pure magic."

Ted's cutting-edge marketing and advertising campaigns are standouts, and he's always looking for new and better ways to create exposure for his properties. He draws on powerful resources and inspired ideas to create a buzz around his listings, then uses his visual discernment to make certain they deliver. His influence in the community ensures that his homes remain desirable and high profile throughout the process.

When Ted isn't hosting an open house or closing an escrow in Pasadena, he enjoys spending quality time with his dogs, Riley and Georgia, or riding his mountain bike through the hills of Santa Barbara.

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