About Vincent

With over 15 years of business experience, Vincent Di Mauro excels at client service, understanding customer needs and working to exceed expectations. Vincent is always focused on his clients. Highly personable and responsive, he very quickly develops a strong rapport with each of them, making lasting personal connections, which is essential during the buying and selling process.

As a director in sales for many years, Vincent is an excellent negotiator and has the attention to detail and organizational skills to ensure transactions are handled flawlessly. Buyers and sellers rely on Vincent for everything from evaluating a listing, to presentation and staging, to securing financing and the many details involved in the closing process.

Vincent is always accommodating and encouraging, while providing superior representation and solid recommendations. His composed manner and constant support ensures every client that nothing has been overlooked.

Vincent has many years of experience in the recruitment industry, where he worked with Fortune 500 clients. He excelled because of his resourcefulness, creativity and communication skills, as he was able to successfully guide high-level candidates through the search, interview and hiring process. A facilitator by nature, Vincent brings that same level of collaboration, attentiveness and determination to his real estate practice.

The father of three children, Vincent is very involved in the Santa Monica community and area schools, which provides additional real estate advantages through his endless network and social connections.