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岩岩联结全球房地产投资者 专精比华利山庄豪宅

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张岩岩在向全球房地产投资者,金融服务和销售人员出售投资物业和服务方面拥有超过15年的经验。张女士与业主密切合作,以取得成功的销售 在和国际上发表了100多场演讲,内容涉及从如何在市场下找到收入房产到1031税收延期策略的业务。自2003年以来,她一直是加州房地产执照持有人 拥有国际收购经验,具有独特的优势,能够提供跨文化的全球销售专业知识和业务。张女士精通中文普通话和英语,她的教育和工作经历使她遍布全球曾住在英国,德国,意大利,法国,现在称洛杉矶为家。她曾就读北京大学和北京国家体育学院,并获得了体育运动学学位,在跳高和七项全能田径比赛中获得专业。在此期间参加了亚洲运动会。她还在西北大学和加州大学洛杉矶分校学习商业管理。张岩岩与高科技,技术驱动的房地产公司Compass保持一致,支持她创造创新战略,提供开箱即用的解决方案,并利用庞大的国际高端客户网络的能力,来自海外公司高层管理人员的办公室。张岩岩熟悉比华利山庄那里的一草一木,掌握地方的房地产状况。活跃在娱乐圈和体育领域中。近些年来在房地产行业中取得了傲人的成绩。

About Yan-Yan

Yan-Yan Zhang brings over fifteen years of experience in selling investment properties and services to real estate investors, financial services and sales personnel globally. Ms. Zhang works closely with property owners to achieve successful sales. Ms. Zhang has facilitated over 100 presentations both nationally and internationally covering topics ranging from how to find income properties under the market to the business of 1031 Tax Deferral Strategies. She has been a California real estate license holder since 2003 and also holds a Financial Services broker license.

Ms. Zhang has experience with International Acquisitions and is uniquely positioned to provide global sales expertise and conduct business across cultures. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English, Ms. Zhang’s education and work experience has led her across the globe. Born and raised in China, Ms. Zhang has lived in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and now calls Los Angeles home. She had attended Beijing University and the Beijing National Sports Academy where she received a degree in Sports Kinesiology with specialty in the High Jump and heptathlon Track and Field events. During this time, Ms. Zhang competed as a world class athlete in the heptathlon, participating in the prestigious Asian games. She also studied Business Management at Northwestern University and UCLA.

Yan-Yan Zhang’s alignment with the high-level, technology-driven real estate firm, Compass, supports her ability to create innovative strategies, deliver out-of-the-box solutions, and leverage a vast international network of high-end clients, from top-level overseas company executives with family offices.

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