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About Leigh

Leigh Apodaca is a distinguished figure in the real estate industry, hailing from the picturesque coastal communities of Southern California. With an impressive track record spanning nearly two decades, she has garnered extensive experience and expertise in the realm of real estate. Her focus areas include the intricate realm of 1031 exchanges, lucrative business opportunities, and the art of luxury home sales.

Leigh's proficiency in the complex field of 1031 exchanges sets her apart as a skilled practitioner who understands the nuances of this specialized transaction. Her adeptness in guiding clients through these exchanges demonstrates her commitment to providing tailored solutions that optimize financial outcomes.

Luxury home sales constitute yet another facet of Leigh's expertise. With her deep understanding of the luxury real estate market, she is well-equipped to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented by high-end properties. Her ability to effectively market and negotiate in this segment underscores her proficiency in delivering exceptional service to discerning clients.

In essence, Leigh Apodaca is a trailblazer in Southern California's real estate landscape. Her extensive tenure, coupled with her specialization in 1031 exchanges, business opportunities, and luxury home sales, has cemented her reputation as a go-to professional for clients seeking a strategic and knowledgeable partner in their real estate endeavors.

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Client Testimonials

"We HIGHLY recommend Leigh Apodaca! We began working with Leigh after she put together a very detailed presentation on the of the local housing , recommended asking price for our along with anticipated time to . She diligently marketed our , supported us through the emotional ups and downs that take place the process, and ultimately our home at a very good price. Next, we began working with Leigh to find our next home. However, the agent representing that was not the most professional and was extremely difficult to work with resulting in being reported to the board. Regardless of that situation, she negotiated successfully and got us into our home amid multiple offers within 30 days."

"Leigh has been excellent during the adventure of buying our home. She made sure that the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted. I would recommend her to anyone!"

"Leigh worked hard for me and had great communication with me throughout my home buying process. She also gave me a great referral for a lender who proved to be incredible."

"Leigh was our real estate agent when we purchased our first home a few years ago. She was extremely patient with us during our home buying process. Since we were happy with her during our home buying process we decided to ask her to be our agent when we our home. Leigh was very knowledgeable in her marketing skills! She our home within the first week! She was there to answer any questions or concerns throughout the entire escrow process. I recommend that everyone hire her as their real estate agent!"

"My wife & I had Leigh handle our first home purchase back in August 2015 & she was awesome. Very professional, courteous & responsive to all our questions/concerns. I would highly recommend her services & expertise to anyone looking to purchase/sell their!"