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"Lily did a fantastic job in selling my house for my wife and I. It was an older home that presented some problems, but she was great in working through the issues. She worked hard to get the job done and was extremely responsive and easy to work with." - CK and Sue

"We’ve known Lily Fu for more than six years. Though in the early years we had not acquired any property, she has been patient and courteous regardless. After numerous appointments to look for suitable property, finally three years ago, Lily had assisted us purchase our current home site in Morgan Hill. Both my husband and I enjoy working with Lily. She is a great agent to depend on. A true professional with integrity as well as knowledge. " - Mike and Mary

"I know Lily from one of my friend's referral. Lily helped me got my first home in U.S. I was not able to find my new home at the second offer in Bay Area without Lily's help. Lily has been in the industry for years. She witnessed the ups and downs of the market while other real estate agents only witnessed the part of it. For a person newly moved to Bay Area, Lily’s experience is very important for me. For example, she advised me whether the target I was interested would be a good deal even afterwards when the market is down. She was able to help me clarify what I needed, such as whether I really needed a SFH, or what was more important to me, for example school or close to the office, based on my budget. Because she has helped lots of different types of clients, she was even clearer about my real needs. Lily is really good at advising you regarding your offer. It is very common in the Bay Area that a buyer has to compete with multiple offers. You need a REALTOR® to make your offer be competitive but not be irrational. Not every real estate agent is able to do this. Lily is very good at numbers. She helped me to make the offer to be competitive and reasonable otherwise I could not get my home at the second offer. Lily and I worked as a team very well. She is very good at identifying lots of risks while I am a person more likely to take risks. Lily helped me to mitigate these risks during the transaction such as getting another bank as the backup for being able to close in time. Lily is a REALTOR® you can really trust. For example, I almost missed the deadline to respond to a counter offer from the seller because I was busy at other things, and Lily tried to contact me for almost three hours with any channels she could use. I was lucky that I did not miss the deadline because of Lily. Lily becomes my home advisor after the transaction. For example, she helped me to find the handyman and the cleaning service for me. She advised me which color might be suitable for me to paint the wall.Every-time I have question regarding my home, Lily is the first person I want to talk with and she always gives me the advice. Purchasing a house is the biggest purchase in your life. A good REALTOR® is not only a professional agent help you on this biggest purchase but also a friend/partner you can trust and work together. I found Lily to be my REALTOR®, my friend and my partner. I am going to continue to work with Lily for my next home and next investment opportunity in the real estate market. I have no doubt to recommend Lily to other potential home buyer. " - Chris

"Lily is a fantastic REALTOR®—professional, proactive yet easy to talk and work with. I met Lily at 2007 at her open house while searching place for my parents’ vacation home. She kept me updated constantly with all possible locations and properties that met my criteria. She was attentively sensed that I was very concerned about where my parents live, understood all my needs to pre-screen houses/condos, then finally in 2009 Lily found them a perfect condo —reasonable price, good location, brand new, great Feng Shui which was very important to most of Chinese people, close to my home, supermarkets, restaurants and bus stops. After finding the location, Lily and I went there so many times, day or night, rain or shine, to make sure it was safe, quiet and has good drainage system since it was on 1st floor. My parents were very happy about the purchase and all the hard work really paid off after I saw their smiles!! What I liked most was that Lily advised me to take my time, never rushed me to make any decisions during these time. Lily is smart and confident that she gave me the space and time to make decision at my own pace. Lily keeps in close contact with my family over the years. She kept us up to date on market trends and property values in the area. At the peak of the housing market in 2014, she helped my daughter and son-in-law found their very first town home. She connected with them and understood the young professional’s needs and led them to the perfect location. Recently my parents were thinking of selling the condo as they did not feel like travel to here anymore due to the age. Lily suggested that they should keep it as the market trend is still going up. It proved that she was right. The value has gone up another 10%. This is just to show that Lily is not only a professional and market sensitive real estate agent, but she also always puts customers’ interest up front of her own business. Will definitely use her help again for any of our future real estate activities." - Mimi & Deluna

"We got to know Lily 7 years ago, while we were looking for a property and preparing for the wedding. As we were first time buyers at that time, she took the time to truly understand our needs and constraints, guided us through the entire process from beginning to end patiently. We were grateful to her help and subsequently introduced a few friends to her, who were in similar situations. They became good friends with her, just like us. Now, we always turn to her for advices on how we should think about the market, and whether we should take any action given our life goals. Lily is the only agent that we've ever needed to work with. We tell everyone about Lily. She's the best." - Shirley & Cheng

"Lily is our buyer agent when we purchased our first house. She took her time to truly understand what we need on our first meeting. She is very knowledgeable in housing market and willing to share her knowledge to buyers. The communication between us and Lily is always smooth and efficient. She guided us well on financing through her resources. We had our financial documents well prepared before checking the houses. This saved time on closing and provided edge on our offer. On each house we checked, she was quick on pointing out the advantages and disadvantages. She communicated with listing agents well which provided us a lot of information on the houses. She is also consistently working and communicating with us for new housing information. With her help, we are able to get our offer accepted after one short month on the market. As buyers, we highly recommend Lily's service. " - Lin & Jing

"Lily is top-of-the-line in her practice and our best advisor for real estate management and purchasing. When we were buying our first house, my wife and I were overwhelmed by the amount of information and processes, as well as the decisions to make. Lily not only communicated with us frequently, but also provide detailed analysis of various options and trade-offs. Before our offer was accepted, Lily personally presented our offer to the sellers to help us get a leg ahead. Eventually she helped us walking through the entire financing process and made sure we were happy until months after the process was completed. We would love to work with Lily again and have recommended her to our friends regarding any real estate investments since we established this trustful and enduring relationship." - Lin & Jing

About Lily
Having been a Bay Area resident since 1988, Lily is extremely familiar with the Bay Area Real Estate market. Lily is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and English.

Lily came to Compass with experience as a seasoned IT consultant working for major high-tech companies. Her extensive past work experience allows her to utilize the technology into her business, and enables her to deliver promising results in a professional and efficient manner. Lily’s proven negotiation and presentation skills often land her clients in a favorable position in this competitive market. Her communication with all parties involved in every transaction, her analysis and organization skills, and her obvious dedication to her clients make up the solid foundation for her Real Estate business.

Lily chose to be a full-time REALTOR® because she is truly passionate about helping people with one of the most important decisions in their lives. She listens to her clients’ needs and guides their way through the sometimes intimidating and tumultuous Real Estate market. Turning their dreams of either buying or selling a home in the Silicon Valley into genuine realities is Lily’s ultimate achievement. What sets Lily apart from other real estate agents is her attention to detail, warm and friendly approach. She always makes buying or selling a confident and enjoyable experience.