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"Lisa Finks is a consummate professional that helped us manage the sale of our home wonderfully. She has a strong network of agents which yielded many potential buyers and helped us smoothly navigate a few challenges that popped up during the process. It was a pleasure working with Lisa." - Tom H.

"Lisa is that exceptional broker that you hear about but rarely meet ... the one that goes way above and beyond the norm, that truly cares about her client's happiness, who works tirelessly to ensure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed, and will ensure you are partners every step of the way. Patient, humorous (which is necessary!), intelligent and kind. . . she truly made my sell and buy a terrific experience." - J. S.

"Lisa is a joy to work with. As a savvy agent, she helped us navigate the difficulties of having a home on the and sell a great price! Her professionalism and thoughtfulness are highly valued and much appreciated!" - Andrea H.

"Lisa is an amazing broker. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the area, the houses on the , and extremely patient with us. She made our home buying experience easy and fun. She continues to share her knowledge of the area with us and provides us with great information and tips since we are new to the area. I would recommend her to everyone looking in the Wilmette area and the North Shore. " - Kathryn G.

"Lisa is a great realtor and has been very helpful to us. She is professional, knowledgeable and also very friendly and thoughtful. She has a clear mind and listed all the pros and cons for every we looked at or she recommended, she also has a lot of pricing experience and negotiation skills. Lisa successfully helped us avoid a bad deal(the reason why now we know it was a bad deal is that the offer price my wife and I was thinking at that time is close to the current listing price after it dropped again and again and nobody is offering) with deep analysis and helped us find our dream . Both my wife and I love working with Lisa! " - Lin J.

"Lisa Finks is undoubtedly the best overall real estate agent I have ever worked with. She takes to heart my needs and budget and assists even if the resulting sale will not benefit her directly. She is very knowledgeable about many kinds of sales, including a foreclosure I am currently involved in. Lisa has access to many tools which assist a buyer or seller in comparison shopping as well as those renovations which do and do NOT pay back when selling. Lisa is a joy to work with, a great listener, and I would recommend her highly to anyone in the to buy or sell in Wilmette or beyond. " - Beth L.

"Lisa is a true professional and knows the north suburb's villages and cities better than any other agent. She has knowledge of the local schools and a great understanding of what makes each community unique. When you combine the fact that she is seasoned attorney with extensive knowledge of real-estate law, you are getting tremendous service not found with your average agent. Hiring Lisa will be the best decision you can make when looking to buy or sell your property. " - E. M.


University of Notre Dame, J.D.

Dartmouth College, A.B.


New Trier Parents Association Executive Board Member, 2014-2018

Board of Directors, Housing Our Own - Wilmette Housing Board, 2016-2018
District 39 Educational Foundation Trustee, Math and Science Committee Chair, 2010-2016

PREP Board Member St. Francis Xavier Church, 2010-2012

1st Vice-President Romona School PTA, 2009-2013

-Founder of Science Olympiad Program at Highcrest Middle School and Wilmette Junior High School

Former General Counsel, Pro Sports Experience, LLC
About Lisa
As an attorney, Lisa's in-depth knowledge of real estate law, contracts, and sharp negotiating skills benefit clients on the financial side of each transaction. Subtle details can make or break a transaction and her thorough attention to detail gives clients an edge from the onset. Trained as a litigator and experienced as general counsel for a mid-size management company, Lisa’s business sense and advocacy experience pave the way for successful client outcomes.

Lisa’s extensive involvement in the community taps into the critical school and social networks that personalize the real estate experience and which is of primary concern to many potential buyers. She offers firsthand knowledge of the local public and private schools, as well as the distinct characteristics of individual neighborhoods to help sell your specific home's location. Lisa migrated to the North Shore from Chicago with school-age children so she also understands the unique concerns and needs of families with kids relocating to the North Shore, who are often a target demographic of North Shore sellers.

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