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Lynn Huang

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“You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Lynn has a heart of gold and a natural propensity for customer service. Lynn’s ability to observe the clients' needs and listen to their wants has made her an instant success and a client favorite.

  Over 18 years, Lynn, previously as a Director of Business Development and her extensive experience with Marketing and Sales along with her solid background in international education, has enlightened the managerial perspective and provided keen judgment of the global community. She has successfully grown her business thanks to the consistency of referrals and repeat business with her diverse clients. She has expanded her strong base of loyal clients from China to the US, as well as Canada. As a longtime New York City resident, Lynn is highly regarded in her service of the Manhattan area. She is driven to continue offering excellent service and looks forward to working with you. 

  Now a team member on The Calvin Xu Team, at COMPASS, Lynn contributes her clever marketing instincts, patient approach, and language fluency (English, Mandarin Chinese), to elevate the standard of service in the industry. She leverages her strong analytical skills to deliver the best custom solutions for each opportunity. She attentively cares for each person specifically and does so to support her friends and clients alike. 

Lynn is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY). 

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Lynn 拥有一颗金子般的心和慷慨大度开朗的性格,天性热于助人。 她具有高度的职业诚信,丰富的专业知识和进取精神,以及极强的沟通和解决问题能力。她在20多年的职业生涯中,作为纽约房产经纪帮助许多客户拥有了理想的家。 作为中美教育使者以及多年的升学教育专家,从事国际教育项目开发,深谙纽约K-12 和大学教育体系,及广泛教育行业的资源,帮助许多学生进入到理想的学校。 深受学生,家长及业界人士的喜爱和信赖。

Lynn是纽约房地产董事会 (REBNY) 会员。 就职于COMPASS.

COMPASS是纽约证券交易所(NYSE)上市,全美NO.1 最大房地产经纪公司,财富500强企业, 在全美1000多座城镇设有办公室,拥有30,000名经纪人。目前,COMPASS是纽约市拥有最多独家代理房源的房地产公司。

Lynn参与纽约高端住宅房产经纪师Calvin Xu所带领的全美最顶尖Top1.5%团队,在COMPASS平台上为众多留学生,专业人士,新移民找到理想的居所。提供在纽约看房买房,卖房,租房以及出租房产和物业托管的服务。


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团队介绍: The Calvin Xu Team


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