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Marisa Atamian-Sarafian

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Part of my logo representation is the rendering of my 1920's restored abode, here in Montclair. I include it to help explain my character: "If I'm going to talk the talk, I must walk the walk." When I suggest that real estate has the power to enhance the quality of your life, I say it because I've experienced it. My own "fixer no longer" has served as a direct stepping stone for a richer, more fulfilling life. With the right financial balance, the purchase of a home or investment property can make for a more positive life. There is a sanctuary out there for you. I can help you find it.

I bring to the table smart negotiation strategies and a desire to get clients what they want. My core values include treating clients the way I would want to be treated and being their number one advocate throughout the process. My focus is on residential homes and small investment properties in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Albany, Castro Valley, Orinda, and Lafayette. I enjoy finding clients the best living or investment scenarios within their budgetary parameters. I do this by listening to their vision and needs, then explaining corresponding options.

The East Bay has a variety of niche neighborhoods, all which provide fantastic living experiences and senses of place. I bring to the table smart negotiation strategies and a desire to solve problems. If a problem comes up, I'll squash it with an educated plan of action.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture, from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. Prior to Compass Realtors, I was a City Planner for a private San Francisco consulting firm. I worked on high profile Navy and Army government projects completing socioeconomic, demographic, public utilities, and visual analyses. How does this background translate into helping clients buy and sell real estate? Because of my strengths in real estate business and contractual prudence, city planning, residential design & redevelopment, I provide my clients with a comprehensive knowledge-base expertise needed to make smart real estate decisions. I take this knowledge and expertise, attention to detail, technical & analytical skill set and apply it to your real estate vision.

My husband and I live in the Oakland Hills and enjoy international travel, hiking, reading, pottery...among just a few!

Client Testimonials

"I really enjoyed working with Marisa. She is very savvy with how homes and built and what upgrades are worth while. Marisa is also very good with researching a lot of different factors such as schools, neighborhoods, and investments that will best fit your needs. And most of all Marisa is a lot of fun to work with." - PAUL D. VIA YELP.

"Marisa is AMAZING! Whether you're asking her to find your dream home or getting help with comps in your area, she dedicates herself to providing you the best possible service. She's smart, experienced, thoughtful and a shrewd negotiator. You will not regret retaining Marisa to help accomplish your real estate goals. She will listen intently to your wishes and then make it happen" - AMY V. VIA YELP.

"When it comes to real estate, Marisa Atamian is the professional's professional! She is smart, organized, thorough, resourceful, loyal, honest, nice and always has her client's best interest in mind. Over the last couple of years, Marisa has given us sound investment property and mortgage advice. I highly recommend Marisa for your real estate needs - you won't regret it." - TALIN P. VIA YELP.

"Marisa Atamian I could not have done "it" without her. My first inspection. My first mortgage. My first house. I was entirely too comfortable in my rent controlled SF apartment. For years. Ten in fact. It was time. I am single and wanted something that resembled a Summer. Those two things got me to the East Bay and I was fortunate to find my way to Marissa. I am without anyone in my life that knows real estate. Knows real estate in Oakland. Knows mortgages to get a mortgage to buy real estate in Oakland. Marissa Atamian walked me through every step. Every single one. She made me believe in myself and that I could do this. It was the biggest thing that I have ever done in my life and I always thought that I would be in a relationship holding a hand when I took this enormous step. I am not and it was not necessary. I had Marisa. Marisa gave me just the perfect amount of reference materials. She drove me through each and every neighborhood that was remotely possible in my low price range in Berkeley and Oakland. She told me pros and cons of each. She never made me feel that my price range was not worth her time. Never. She connected me with anyone that I needed to talk to for each step and made appointments for anyone that I needed appointments with. . . inspectors, electricians, plumbers . . . She made it easy and she made it possible. Period. I have a house now and Marisa is the reason. A year and a half after my purchase I experienced a nightmare of a refinance. Once again, Marisa came to the rescue with advice and support. She got involved and helped to resolve an ugly situation. She alleviated the knot in my stomach. Outstanding customer service as always and there was nothing in it for her. She has extremely high standards and the client is the beneficiary. As a single woman, I could do it. Marisa gave me all of the tools, support, friendship, and confidence. It was a sincere pleasure to work with her and I look forward to my next real estate purchase with her . . . someday." - MICHELLE O. VIA YELP.

"I'm absolutely convinced I own my "perfect-for-me" Rockridge home because of Marisa Atamian at Alain Pinel Realtors. Marisa's approach, her attention to detail and her thorough knowledge of the East Bay are a tremendous combination. MARISA HAD THE AMAZING ABILITY TO "GET INTO MY HEAD," understanding my must-haves and vision for the lifestyle I wanted, while educating me with market realities. She was flexible and worked with my demanding work schedule, she organized and prioritized listings and was never shy about giving me candid insight on the neighborhoods where I was looking. Marisa's TIRELESS ADVOCACY AND COUNSEL WERE INSTRUMENTAL AS WAS HER GUIDANCE IN THE AREA OF OLDER HOMES. MARISA KEPT ME SANE with an educated approach to what can be a very emotional process - she always had hard data to substantiate her suggestions. Knowing also that Marisa spent 3 years completely refurbishing her 1920's home gave me the confidence to step into the market feeling well-informed and well-represented. We closed escrow at the end of May on the most beautiful home - not just a home but "THE home!!" EVEN AFTER WE CLOSED, MARISA WAS STILL HARD AT WORK PROVIDING ME WITH CONTACTS and recommendations from her expansive network of contractors, handy-men and all the other resources I needed to feel at ease in my gorgeous little abode" - ALISON E. VIA YELP .