About Mark
Ethos. Values. Personal Standards. Guiding Principles. Work Doctrine or Creed or Catechism. Call it what you will, at the root of Mark's real estate work and his relationships with his clients, is a set of personal and professional beliefs that he embraces unapologetically, and strives to stay true to every day.

And while having a set of ethos sets the stage for distinguishing oneself in the field of real estate, Mark also believes that truly uncommon agents have something more: a willingness to challenge themselves and an ability to draw upon a breadth of life experiences to help his clients succeed. In Mark's case, his engineering studies honed his analytical skills; his duties in the public sector required him to write multi-million dollar contracts and polish his negotiating techniques; and his experience working side-by-side with blue collar workers in transit maintenance shops left him skillful in reading people and being sensitive to other's needs.

Beyond real estate, Mark maintains an interest in cooking, organic gardening, alternative medicine and nutrition, the stock market and investing, folk art, and music — especially country and jazz. He is described by others as "a doer, thinker, and talker. Mark likes to solve practical problems, get things done, and work with his hands. He is perceptive, agreeable, conscientious, and cautious. He shows confidence and ease when negotiating. He is a listener." He is graduate of the Wharton School of Business and the University of Detroit.

Mark's specialty is working with buyers, especially those interested in the historic Chicago bungalow community and older vintage homes. He lives in the same Roscoe Village home he bought 27 years ago along with his wife Meg and three adopted children from Ukraine. Meg is a City of Chicago Firefighter — the City is a safer place when Meg is on the job.

One final point: At its most basic, real estate is rooted in relationships and Mark has been in business long enough to realize that relationships take root after more than just an exchange of a couple emails or even after a face to face meeting over a long cup of coffee. Mark encourages you to do your research, visit his two websites, read his testimonials, be honest about what it is you are trying to accomplish, probe a bit, and allow Mark the chance to demonstrate how his uncommon devotion to his clients can make the difference between an uncommonly great real estate transaction and one that falls short of expectations. Allow Mark the time to introduce himself — to you, a friend, a neighbor, or relative — and watch the seeds you plant today grow into something amazing.


Dear Mark:

Thank you for your efforts in the sale of the property located at 44xx N Paulina, Chicago, IL. Our agent, Carol Madey, and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, appreciate the professionalism you have displayed in this transaction. It is this kind of cooperation within our industry that makes real estate more enjoyable and profitable for us all.

Sincerely, Nina A. Fotopoulos

Managing Broker

Nina A. Fotopoulos - Managing Broker

My wife and I were blessed to work with Mark five years ago in the purchase of our first home. Mark and I have stayed in touch since then, which I think says something about the kind of Realtor that Mark is. He cares about his clients' well-being far beyond the real estate transaction.

We benefited greatly from Mark's professional network: he recommended a mortgage broker and a home inspector that were both outstanding. This was especially important as our home was a foreclosure. Once the deal was sealed, Mark graciously gave us a housewarming gift of an energy audit, in character with his passion for eco-friendly and efficient homes. We have recommended Mark to several friends, some of whom have purchased multiple homes with him.

Evan & Beth - Galewood

After months of emailing from Los Angeles to Mark in Chicago, we took a long weekend to view homes and interview for jobs. Mark previewed a number of homes on our behalf before we got there and showed us those that best fit our needs and budget over a two-day period. Sure enough, Mark found us the one bungalow we were looking for. We have Mark to thank for our home and the happiness we have each day in our south-side bungalow. Without Mark Ahlheim as our broker, our dream would not have become our home.

Michael & Monica - South Chicago

We are incredibly grateful for everything Mark did for us when we both bought and sold our bungalow in the Rogers Park Manor Historic District of Chicago.

Mark graciously accommodated our erratic schedules, and insisted that he accompany us multiple times to visit homes we were only half-heartedly considering just to make sure we were right. He was patient and understanding from our first offer through the entire buying process.

Mark also excelled as a seller's agent when we sold our house some years later. We were moving for work and needed to sell rather quickly into a relatively tough market, and Mark worked tirelessly to market our house and obtain a result that far exceeded our expectations. In every sense of the word, working with Mark was awesome, and his enthusiasm, selflessness, and good advice are among the things we miss most about living in Chicago.

Matt & Jillian - Cleveland, OH