Martha Montiel-Lewis

Martha Montiel-Lewis

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The hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price, Compass Concierge helps you maximize its value by fronting the cost of home improvement services like staging, flooring, painting, and more.
No upfront costs, no interest, no hidden fees - ever.

About Martha
I, along with my husband and 2 children, made a move to the urban core of Nashville. Why would a family choose a city environment over the suburbs? Passion!!! Passion for the walkability to restaurants, schools, and cultural centers. Passion for the close-knit community that comes from connecting with neighbors day after day around a commitment to sustain and grow responsibly.

This passion fueled my career choice as a REALTOR with COMPASS, a company with a passion closely linked to my own.

With that I find that it’s easy to fall in love with Nashville. Finding the place to plant roots, to compose a life and to build on dreams requires a unique understanding of each neighborhood’s pulse. I thrive on learning what ignites passion in my clients and help bring it to life in a home……