About Diana

As a former psychotherapist, Diana is a consummate professional who utilizes her strong expertise in interpersonal relationships, communication, negotiation, problem-solving and analytical skills to assist her clients in navigating their individual needs, lifestyles, and investment objectives.

Diana is fluent in 5 languages: English, German, French, Hebrew, and Hungarian.

Having lived in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, New York City and currently living in Miami, Diana has cultivated a broad social circle and a strong network of high net worth professionals. Her experiences living throughout the world provided her with a keen understanding of evolving international markets and differing cultural requirements: knowledge which she utilizes to the advantage and advocacy for her clients.

Diana creates an exceptional white-glove custom experience for each client and forges a trusting, loyal and long-lasting rapport that extends well beyond the time and scope of each specific deal. Diana is driven by achieving success for her clients and in helping them facilitate, prioritize and achieve their unique goals.

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