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About Ian

Ian Krawiecki Gazes is a Miami resident and property owner, a long-time real estate investor, and a New York Attorney . Ian provides his clients with an unparalleled level of privacy, discretion, trust and loyalty and possesses a highly developed real estate eye. His background and knowledge of the marketplace will translate into the best white glove service you can expect. A talented and hard-working person, Ian can meet your expectations.

The buying or selling of a home could be emotionally taxing and Ian will ease your decision-making process due to his professionalism and judgment in addition to his connections in the world of real estate.

Ian Gazes’ reputation is unapparelled having represented clients in the buying and selling of real estate both residential and commercial for the last thirty years. Whether it be a cooperative unit on Fifth Avenue, a loft in Soho, a house in St Tropez or manufacturing facility or warehouse he is well regarded and respected in the real estate community as an honest and upfront person with a keen eye for recognizing value for great real estate investments.

Ian has joined with the Lourdes Gutierrez team because of their passion for real estate in addition to their affinity for architecture and interior design, characteristics that play a big role when looking for the clients correct fit. The team specializes in the luxury properties in Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove market and team sales have set new records as to price per square foot.

The team concept is to provide a full concierge service to meet the specific needs of its domestic and global clientele with the highest level of expediency and efficiency. This would naturally include hands on in property and neighborhood selection, finalization of sales and seamlessly integrating clients into the community.

Whether you are considering a "pied a terre", an oceanfront estate, or a real estate investment, Ian will provide exceptional service every step of the way.