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Jason Stine

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Jason speaks English and French

“Just as the wave can not exist for itself, but is ever a part of the heaving surface of the ocean, so must I never live my life for itself, but always in the experience that is going on around me” – Albert Schweitzer.

About Jason

James Felt once said, “I have an affectionate feeling for the city – or, rather, I’m in love with it. Aside from the excitement, magic, and so on, if there were ever a place where the world’s conscience has reposed, it’s New York City”. Jason Stine says the same about Miami Beach.

Jason found his great uncle’s quote many years ago in a newspaper interview. For more than 100 years, the Felt family, which is his mother’s lineage, have been involved in property in Manhattan. Their expertise has ranged from brokerage, development, investment, and management to city planning and zoning in harmony with preservation and rehabilitation.

Irving, James’ brother, conceived of Madison Square Garden’s re-location project in the 1960s. He was President of Madison Square Garden Corporation, who named the “Felt Forum” in his honour. During that time he orchestrated the purchase of the New York Knicks basketball and New York Rangers hockey teams. Both Jason’s great uncles were actively involved in arts and culture, civics, and philanthropy.

This is the foundation upon which Jason has built my career in property. Yet instead of doing so amid Manhattan’s skyscrapers in city streets, it was Miami Beach’s palm trees on white sands along the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, it was across the Atlantic Ocean – along the Seine and Thames – where Jason began an international career round 20 years ago with IBM at their EMEA headquarters in Paris and main office in London. Consulting in wireless technologies with global clients included trips to Asia Pacific. While responsible for marketing in the Distribution sector, they formulated social media strategies for luxury brands and hotel groups.

Both in the USA and Europe with IBM, starting in 2000, they launched a collaboration with Tririga. They developed solutions for real estate, facilities, and capital projects management. That venture led to IBM’s acquiring Tririga. Above all, Jason had the good fortune to live in two of the world’s most celebrated cities for architecture, art, and design. This ignited a passion for real estate and fuelled the drive to keep a family promise.

What do Jason’s expertise and motivation mean to you? What value do they create for you? As global citizens, we have a refined aesthetic sense for where we call home. As your trusted advisor, his charge is to enhance your property investment portfolio from one generation to the next.

Jason offers you an elegantly provocative selection of South Florida luxury living, with a special emphasis upon Miami Beach and Miami’s Biscayne Bay. That is, while you benefit from Compass’ world-wide reach in curated properties and new development projects. Commercial investments demand a particular rigour for an optimal rate-of-return. Detailed research and analysis, innovative packaging, and creative negotiations may be Jason’s highest and best use!

Step-by-step he accompanies you with honour, passion, and stand-out service. Through an acquisition (either as your residence or for an investment) or disposition along with design, financing, management, or re-location. Together Jason will find what’s best for you. It thrives in the right balance: among what’s alluring aesthetically, emotionally, financially, and structurally as well as how a building and its environment captivate you.

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