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Lisa Chang’s best day is when buyers and sellers both walk away with a win—knowing buyers are experiencing the anticipation of a move into their new home, and that sellers have the satisfaction of achieving their personal goals. Lisa was motivated to join Compass in South Florida to align her career with a company that is proactive about building a culture of excellence and trust. Earning her degree in Entrepreneurship in 2006 from Suffolk University in Boston, MA, Lisa’s versatile skillset includes fluencies in Khmer and Thai. The real estate profession attracted her with its ever-shifting nature, presenting daily challenges along with new possibilities for learning, growth, and achievement.

Lisa is relatively new to South Florida, moving to the area in 2014, but has embraced the local lifestyle. As a Fort Lauderdale resident, Lisa has a first-hand perspective on how neighborhoods are evolving, and the characteristics and qualities that make each desirable for different lifestyles and priorities. Lisa is committed to ensuring her clients walk away with a positive experience, and appreciates that her work provides a channel to connect her to so many people. She loves walking into a new home and seeing the potential, and will tailor the search to individual desires and preferences. You’ll find a very thoughtful partner in Lisa, who enjoys spending personal time outside in National Parks and on the beach, traveling, reading, and meditating.

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