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About Pazit

Pazit Hardin has lived in many places throughout the world. In 1998, she decided to establish residency in Coconut Grove. For over a decade she owned and managed her own Film & Print production company. Her experiences with buying, renovating, and selling homes have given her the ability to follow her true passion for real estate.

Pazit has developed a well rounded, knowledgeable understanding of the community from volunteering throughout the area while raising a family. Her experiences are heavily leveraged by a variety of perspectives: a homeowner, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a parishioner. The insights that have come from such personal involvement are invaluable, as her clients rely immensely upon these elements within the service of their agent.

Pazit brings dedication to her client relationships, as she assumes each one of their goals as her own. When buying or selling real estate, having an honest, knowledgeable, and ethical REALTOR® such as Pazit makes the process more efficient and ensures a positive outcome.

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