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Mike was raised in Braintree, MA in a real estate family and with an appreciation for drawing, creating, and building, leading him to the field of architecture and design.

After studying architecture and working in the landscape design industry for years, Mike has combined his passion for creating spaces for people with his love of building personal relationships by diving into the family business of real estate and teaming up with his brother, Nick Rivers, at Compass.

Mike has 6 years of professional marketing and sales experience and also started his own photography company on top of his formal architecture and design training. Mike’s expertise in marketing and deep understanding of stunning photography and visuals make him an incredible asset to his clients who are selling their homes.

Growing up on the South Shore and living and working in Boston for 10 years gives Mike a unique knowledge of both the city and suburbs. Mike’s understanding of local areas, affinity for organization and dedication to studying market trends is top-tier when helping buyers new to the area make the right purchasing decision.

Mike’s excellent communication skills, engaging personality and reliability create an experience that puts his clients at ease and make the process of buying and selling both simple and relaxing.

Mike loves traveling with family and friends as well as playing golf, snowboarding and photography.