About Bailey

Bailey, a local to Middle Tennessee, has shown great passion for the changes that Nashville has undergone over the years. After attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, she was eager to move back to Nashville to apply what she’d learned and pursue a career in real estate. Bailey has witnessed first-hand the consistent growth of the real estate market in Nashville and is excited to be a part of that success going forward.

In 2016, Bailey had the opportunity to gain valuable experience working as a Realtor® assistant. She is confident that her connections to the local community, knowledge of growing neighborhoods, and creative branding & marketing strategies, will continue to make her stand out as she grows in her career.

In joining Abode and Compass in Nashville, she is eager to embrace a more hands-on role in cultivating the more intimate details of client relationships.

Currently residing in Brentwood, Bailey has built great relationships with local business owners. She has a background in retail, as well as marketing, working side-by-side with the people who make a real impact in the community. Her personal hobbies include cake designing and studying American Sign Language (ASL). She loves that both activities have afforded her new personal connections. Bailey is optimistic about her future in real estate. Knowing that her hard work will help her clients find their place in the world.

Bailey Wall’s Recent Transactions