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There is a certain romance that happens between New Yorkers and real estate, a romance with an undeniable energy and pulse that can be can felt in the air.

Whether it comes from active participants, Buyers or Sellers, or those who religiously read the property section of the Times before any other section, New Yorkers follow the real estate market the way they follow the city's sports teams: with an unflinching passion. For the past six years, Esteban Gomez has captured that passion, negotiating deals for his buyers and sellers, building a business reputation based on surpassing the wide range of goals and expectations of his clients, all with one very simple and human approach: put yourself in your clients shoes.

When matching a buyer with the perfect property, Esteban prides himself on understanding the market, recognizing opportunity, and present what may otherwise not have been considered. By truly listening closely for the small things, he is able to find clues in natural conversations — whether its someone’s taste in art or film, down to the type of foods they love — all of which offer a glimpse into his clients personal tastes and lifestyles, but most importantly, what their needs really are.

When selling a property, one must be able to paint a vivid and exciting picture for potential buyers, and Esteban's innate designer’s instincts for creating mood and ambiance, for bringing entire rooms to life, differentiates him from anyone else, making him a highly valuable asset when it comes to highlighting the strengths and potential for each given property.

A native of the multicultural border of Juarez, Chihuahua, and El Paso, Texas, Esteban attended The Univ. of Texas El Paso's Business School and earned a degree in Marketing. Before finding his calling in real estate, he spent the early part of his career working across several aspects within the New York fashion industry — from direct consumer retail, developing wholesale sales distribution channels, to growing valuable customer and celebrity relations.

A charismatic, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable real estate professional, let Esteban be the Compass to your next home.

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