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Jing Ma has earned the reputation of being a creative, honest, dedicated, and straight-forward agent with an outstanding work ethic. Her solutions-driven approach, integrity, and honesty have given her the hard-earned respect of clients and colleagues alike. From working to define a client’s vision and managing those expectations, to negotiating with sophistication while keeping in close communication, Jing is well-respected for her tireless determination that ensures her clients meet their goals, regardless of how complex.

Living in Manhattan for the past eight years, investing in new development and purchasing in a coop herself, Jing often draws from her own experiences when representing clients. Working closely with several developers in Manhattan and Brooklyn has given her a keen insight into the luxury new development market. Jing enjoys working with first-time home buyers, empty nesters, relocation buyers, investors, luxury properties as well as sales and marketing of new buildings and condo conversions.

Originally from China, Jing spent a decade traveling around the world as an international fashion model. As such, she was afforded the opportunity to work with high profile fashion clients and visit many beautiful homes around the world. It was within this venture that she discovered a passion for Real Estate. Jing’s international expertise, paired with her ability to speak English and Mandarin, afford her the ability to successfully work with domestic and international clients looking to buy and invest in New York.

Living in Upper East Side, Jing loves to do Yoga, reading, goes to concerts, spends holidays in Asia and Europe while she’s not working.

马璟以她的诚信,创造性,敬业和直率,为她赢得了杰出职业道德经纪人的美誉。 她以为客户提供解决方案为目标,从帮客户找准投资方向,满足客户对心目中投资项目的预期,到与交易对方为进行务实、高效的谈判。无论复杂程度如何,她可以在与客户保持密切沟通的同时,用不懈的决心的行动来确保她客户的目标得以实现。 正直、诚实的辛勤工作让她赢得了客户和同事们的尊重。

在纽约居住的八年中,马璟有自己的投资项目,在曼哈顿也为自己物色到了一栋非常舒适的自住公寓。这些纽约生活、购房和投资的经验,也被用来帮助找她代理和咨询的客户。 过去的几年中,马璟跟曼哈顿和布鲁克林的豪华楼盘几个开发商都有过非常紧密的合作,这让她对纽约新楼盘市场富有敏锐的洞察力。 她非常善于同第一次在纽约买房的买家、乔迁到纽约买家、投资型买家的合作; 与此同时她也非常擅长帮客户销售各种形式拥有权的公寓、不动产,销售及推广为新开发楼盘。


现居住在上东区,马璟热爱瑜伽、阅度、去各种形式的演唱会。 她工作之余她常常去欧洲和亚洲旅行。

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