Michael Larocque and Peter Gumas met while working opposite sides of a difficult deal. They got on well together and, after a seamless closing, they began to discuss their mutual passion for real estate. It soon became clear that, while they shared a deep belief in conducting business fairly and with a focus on the needs of their clients, they came to the business with different strengths.

Peter, with his background in marketing, including a stint as the Director of International Marketing for the NBA, was brimming with creative ideas for solving problems and gaining maximum exposure for his clients’ properties. Michael, on the other hand, was a deal guy - an ex-corporate-finance attorney, with a keen sense of the technical aspects of every transaction, an eye for detail and a love for the art of negotiation.

And then they realized: Together, they could offer their clients a comprehensive level of service that few other real estate partnerships can. And so the Larocque + Gumas Team was forged.

Different backgrounds aside, Michael and Peter both understand that finding a new home, or selling a property that has been your home for many years, is about more than just getting a deal done. It’s the playground on the corner where your children learned to ride a bike, sitting on the stoop with friends on a warm summer evening, and the way the sun shines through your parlor window on the first day of spring. It’s the café on the corner where they know your order without having to take it and the neighbor who collects your mail while you’re on vacation. It’s the first Thanksgiving turkey cooked in your new kitchen and the last meal together as a family before your daughter or son leaves for college. It’s knowing that your hard-earned assets are working for you.

Above all else, real estate is personal. And it’s that aspect of their work that brings them the greatest satisfaction. While other agents have their eye on the quickest route to a commission check, Michael and Peter revel in being your trusted advisors as you make the difficult transition from one home to another.