ELEVATED is a team of Real Estate Advisors who recognized a need in a changing landscape and market. Our ultimate goal is to do one thing for your Real Estate transaction: ELEVATE it. We firmly believe the way things have been done need to history. For too long, sellers have seen their properties listed on the market turn stale. Buyers have come to believe all available apartments simply sit on the market. It's through our methodically thought out, planned, coordinated advisement, that we're able to make this an ELEVATED process

Our backgrounds are diverse. From born and raised in New York, to St.Louis and Florida, and even all the way from Russia, we have a diverse team that can reach clients anywhere in the world. Beyond our experience in Real Estate, we've worked at Fortune 500 companies, fashion icons such as Vogue, and in software and product development. This large set of skills and tools allows us to bring something fresh and new to the table when representing you in your transaction

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