Octavio Marquez

Octavio Marquez

Realtor® | DRE# 02098419


Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent


West Valley College
Business & Real Estate

Client Testimonial(s)

"Accurate and timely responsiveness. Readily understood my parameters and requirements. Knowledgeable about the market. Full and honest disclosure. Willing to stay in touch as more opportunities arise."

About Octavio
An overachiever at heart, Octavio was highly motivated from an early age. Put simply, he’s hardwired for the hustle. Landing his first job at 15, the Gilroy native sharpened his grit, fortitude, and determination early, honing skills he would later leverage amidst a thriving real estate career.

Known by clients and colleagues alike for his honesty, loyalty, and drive helping change people’s lives for the better, Octavio operates with an “always-on” approach. Unfailingly responsive and hyper focused on his client’s needs, he’s renowned for going “all-in” and doing whatever it takes to achieve the end goal.

A natural go-getter who has broken countless sales records, Octavio holds himself to a higher standard. Abundantly caring, ultra-communicative, and known as the consummate team player, the area specialist has logged over 25,000 hours negotiating business deals. Isn’t that who you want in your corner when navigating today’s competitive real estate market?