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Olivier Chartrand

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Languages: English and French

Client Testimonials

"Olivier handled the sale of my condo apartment in the city during one of the most challenging times: the COVID pandemic. The market was stalling, but he never gave up. Thanks to his persistence, he got it done at a fair price. If he could help me during that challenging time, I can just imagine what he could do in a market with better conditions! I would recommend him for any of your real estate needs." - Tony D.

"We were moving back to Manhattan and Olivier was a great help to accompany us through the hurdles of buying in a Fifth Avenue co-op building. He is a skilled and persistent agent and we always felt he had our best interests in mind. We are now very happy to be able to enjoy our apartment facing Central Park. Thanks to his hard work and assistance every step of the way!" - Marie & Masashi

"I am a real estate investor in other states. I am familiar with the industry and the process, but when it came to buying my own place in New York City, I had to rely on someone professional who knows New York’s market. A friend of mine told me about Olivier and during our first conversation, I knew he was the guy for me. He is strategic, fair and a good negotiator. He went above and beyond, picked me at the airport each time I came to New York and toured me around the city so I can get more familiar with the targeted neighborhoods. After two trips, we identified a property and we got it at a great price. I would recommend Olivier to anyone purchasing or selling in New York." - Hua W.

"I was not satisfied with my previous broker, so I met with Samantha and Olivier. They were very responsive and marketing savvy. My condo apartment in front of Lincoln Center was on the market for several months with no serious offers on the table. They proposed a new strategy including taking it off the market, staging it and creating new marketing collaterals. Right away we got three offers and some were all cash. They are very creative and know how to sell. I will definitely call them back!" - Tom S

About Olivier
Persistence, Creativity and Awareness. This is what makes Olivier stands out from the pack.

Awareness of the client's tastes, needs and aspirations. Awareness of market status, of society trends, of the context of a transaction that will be beneficial to the client for both short and long term.

Creativity in offering a bespoke service that calls for constant adaptation and adjustments to the situation. Creativity to respond to the client's ever changing needs.

Persistence in looking for the right fit for the client without cutting corners or stopping "three feet from gold". Persistence in respecting all parties of the deal no matter the ups and downs.

Olivier believes in putting others first. In his real estate career this translates in always giving the client the very best of himself.


Olivier has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing related to real estate and other luxury sectors, consistently managing relationships with local, regional and international clients. He created both bespoke events and marketing campaigns for such iconic brands as Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Dior, Fabergé and DeWitt Watches.

After the 2008 real estate crisis, the real estate industry in North America benefited greatly from foreign investors. From that point on, Olivier captured the trend and brought Asian investors to local real estate developers.

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