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"Oscar was above and beyond, a great partner to have in this journey, and someone I am happy I placed my trust in to purchase my first home. He truly embodies the luxury brand and is the right man to go to bat for you when negotiations get tough. He is steadfast and knowledgeable, and no one will work harder to get you the right deal that fits ALL of your criteria. Thank you Oscar for your support - I am truly grateful for your friendship and partnership in this process. You were in my corner every step of the way and patient as ever, with all of the obstacles we faced."

"I cannot praise Oscar Draguicevich enough for the exceptional job he did in selling my house in Texas. From the moment I enlisted his services, he demonstrated a deep understanding of the local market, pricing my property competitively and attracting a multitude of potential buyers. Oscar's marketing strategies were top-notch, showcasing the unique features of my home and generating significant interest. Oscar expertly navigated the negotiation process, ensuring I received the best possible offer. His professionalism, communication, and expertise made the entire selling experience seamless, and I am incredibly grateful for his outstanding efforts in achieving a successful sale!"

"Oscar isn't just a real estate agent; he was a true partner in the journey of helping me find my dream home. His passion, commitment, and genuine care transformed what could have been a stressful process into a heartfelt adventure. From patiently answering my countless questions to celebrating each milestone, Oscar made the experience unforgettable. I am forever grateful for his expertise and the warmth he brought to this significant milestone in my life."

"The personal touches provided by Oscar did not go unnoticed. He made what could have been an overwhelming and tedious process into a memorable and enjoyable journey. We felt supported and valued as clients, and more importantly, as a family making an important decision.
In conclusion, we cannot recommend Oscar highly enough. His expertise, dedication, and genuine care for their clients' needs make them an outstanding choice for anyone looking to purchase a home.
We are deeply grateful for their help in finding the perfect home and would not hesitate to engage their services again in the future

"Oscar is the best! Went through everything with me from top to bottom and was always in my corner. This was an especially complicated process and Oscar handled it like a champ and helped me navigate the transaction with ease! Highly highly recommend Oscar for all of your real estate needs, there is no one better in the Texas market than Oscar, he is a hustler and will get the job done which is hard to say nowadays. Thanks so much, Oscar!"

About Oscar

Oscar Draguicevich III is a multifaceted individual who seamlessly balanced a thriving football career with a successful venture in real estate. There is no surprise that Oscar was born with a passion for both sports and business considering he’s the son of a retired professional soccer player and successful generation of business owners. Oscar made a name for himself as a standout punter for legendary coach, Mike Leach and Washington State University’s football team where he broke multiple school records including a record, he set himself. His remarkable ability to control the field with powerful and precise punts caught the attention of fans and scouts alike, eventually leading him to the top the nation in punting statistics.


While dominating on the football field, Oscar also showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by delving into the world of real estate. Even as he navigated the challenges of leading the nation in punting three years in a row, earning two degrees (one in marketing and one in management), he pursued a career in selling real estate, showcasing a rare dedication to his dual passions. His commitment to excellence extended beyond the gridiron, as he quickly gained recognition for his prowess in the competitive real estate market.


After an illustrious college football career, Oscar made the leap to the NFL, where he brought his exceptional punting skills to the professional stage. After being drafted to the Carolina Panthers, his time in the NFL served as a testament to his talent and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the league.


Following his stint in professional football, Oscar decided to transition back to his passion for real estate, setting his sights on the vibrant market of Austin where he grew up. In Oscar’s first year in real estate full time, he was able to sell over $10M+. He’s now a few years in the business and looking to sell over $40M+. As a real estate professional in Austin, he is focused on selling some of the city's most coveted properties, leveraging his expertise and network of high-net-worth individuals to connect clients with their dream homes. Oscar's commitment to excellence in both football and real estate highlights his ability to excel in diverse arenas, making him a notable figure in both sports and business circles


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