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Real Estate Salesperson | Licensed As Patricia Ajito

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Patty and Carlos were with us every step of the way during an extremely competitive seller’s market. They took the time to understand what we were looking for, finding us leads, and being incredibly patient in helping us find a home that was perfect for our family. In addition to finding a new home, they also helped us sell our previous home. Working with the two of them made this stressful process feel smooth, coordinating the timing of each step seamlessly. They were always present and responsive to us, despite their busy schedules. Most importantly, they are two of the kindest people we have met. We are glad to have gone through this journey with them and have completed it not just with our dream home but also finding a great friendship." - RICH DAVID

By chance and our good fortune we found realtors Carlos and Patricia. It came at a time when our need to find a home to live was under stringent stressful time restraints as we had sold our home of 26 years. They listened intently to our concerns and list of wants including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage needs and quickly compiled a list of potential homes and appointments for us to go to. They met us at locations on time, wrote up our offers swiftly, and encouraged us when the home went to someone else. They remained steadfast in their positivity that we would find the perfect home for our family investing lots of dedicated time and energy in finding us that home. The fact is at their suggestion they wanted us to visit a home that just came on the market the day before but we were hesitant because it was a long drive for them and in an area we had not considered before. Sure enough, it was perfect for our needs and offered even more than we asked for. The home had already received multiple offers. The listing agent just happened to be there and we were able to spend some time talking to her with Carlos and Patty being our best advocates. The next day we received a call that the house was ours. We cannot speak more highly of the diligence, professionalism, and positive friendly attitude Carlos and Patty have. If you're searching for a realtor to find you your perfect home, look no further than them." - RICH AND JANE

I knew Patty from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and every time I saw her I sensed that when the time was right, she would be our realtor. I longed for that time, when we would own our own home, but continued to surrender the desire every time it surfaced. When the time did present itself, it took both Patrick and me by surprise. This was right around Thanksgiving 2021. We thought we would start seriously looking in Spring of 2022. We had simply wanted to see how much we could get pre-approved for. That was my intention when I invited Patty over for coffee. Patty and I met on a Monday morning while Patrick was at work. We prayed, asking God for His wisdom and guidance. The next day, the Lord revealed that we would stay in Boonton, even though we had been looking at other surrounding towns as well. He also told me to let go of the big yard idea. That night, as I was doing my daily search on Zillow, I saw a home. I told Patty about it. She told me it just came on the market. That was Tuesday. On Thursday, Patty and Carlos brought us to see it. The house reminded me of my childhood home. The only two requirements I gave Patty was that it needed to have a lot of natural light and a garage to paint in. It had both of those things and lots of other great touches. The main thing was that it was simple and clean. The only thing it didn’t have was a big yard, and I knew I had to let that idea go because of what the Lord said. Everywhere we looked in the home–––the basement, the garage, was a Crucifix or a picture of a saint. I knew it was a good sign. Patty, Carlos, Patrick and I, along with our children, all prayed in the living room. Lord, whatever your will is, help us to accept it. If you want us to have this home, please make it obvious. The next day was Friday. Patty and Carlos gave us all the information we needed about the market and putting down a bid. From the information we received, and the number of people interested, Patrick and I were convinced we couldn’t afford it. On Sunday, after praying what amount the Lord wanted us to do, (which was within our budget and the best number we could possibly do), we put down a bid. Now, all there was to do was to surrender the outcome to the Lord. On Monday, our offer was accepted. Patty and Carlos were with us every step of the way. They were present, available, thorough, prayerful and very professional. We were so happy that they were our realtors on this journey–more than realtors, and friends. They made the daunting prospect of looking for a home into an enjoyable, spiritual experience. We are so grateful for them!" - PATRICK, CHARLOTTE, JAMES & MARY

About Patty

Meet Patty Ajito, a real estate agent with a strong passion for helping clients find their dream homes. Her multicultural background – being of Japanese descent, born in Peru, and speaking Spanish allows her to have an understanding of diverse backgrounds that will surely make her an excellent guide for clients from various cultural backgrounds. Her enthusiasm and energetic approach to the real estate process will definitely make the journey of Selling, Buying, or Renting a Home an exciting and positive experience for her clients.

Patty is also a graphic designer, bringing an extra skill set to the table. Her ability to create extraordinary marketing pieces will undoubtedly be a great advantage when selling homes. She supports OLMC and LGA School in preparing marketing pieces for their growth, demonstrating her commitment to both her community and her profession.

As a real estate agent, Patty's combination of real estate expertise and graphic design skills will surely make her a valuable asset to her clients. Her faith, energetic spirit and enthusiasm makes the whole journey exciting for her clients. She listens to what people want and need, and goes above and beyond to find the right place that fits their budget and lifestyle.