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About Pearl
Who are the Chic ‘n’ the Geek?

Pearl is the Chic – a stylish woman with creative inclinations. She has great eyes for property and a nose for opportunity. She excels at creative marketing and project management, and she can negotiate with the best. She understands that real estate is really about finding the lifestyle of your dreams. It’s human nature, and it drives Pearl’s work to make your dreams come true.

Kevin is the Geek – a (literal) rocket scientist and a renaissance man. Pragmatic enough to be practical, he speaks fluent Silicon Valley, understands market trends and statistics, and has a background in home construction. While he is detail oriented, Kevin knows how the details fit into the bigger picture and keeps everyone focused on the end goal.

Together, we’re an ideal combination of style and substance. We use our unique perspective and experience to connect people with properties and make dreams a reality.

We believe in the 3 C’s: Connections, Communication & Creativity.

Connections – We take the time to find the best match of buyer and seller to ensure a fast, fair, and friendly process.

Communication – We keep things simple and transparent so you never have to worry about surprise conditions or hidden expenses.

Creativity – We know how to find the gems in a competitive market, and we’re not afraid to think outside the box to find the right fit.

Our one driving philosophy is to provide each and every client with realistic advice, data-based information, and a personal touch to help you make the best possible decisions on your real estate journey. Our job is to make your job easy and painless!
While we find joy in sleuthing out the strengths, hidden weaknesses, and potential in a house, it’s helping people achieve their dreams that we value the most. And we take pride in building our community of partners one friend at a time.

Client Testimonials

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"Pearl and Kevin are extremely professional, hardworking, and higly dedicated to their job. They are good people who are patient, caring, listening, and honest.

We sold our old house and purchased a new one during the second half of 2020. It was a very long and stressful journey, but I believe it was possible only because we worked with Pearl and Kevin. During the sale and purchase, my wife and I called Pearl and Kevin numerous times from morning to late night, and they were always available to us. From little details to major decisions, they did everything they could, gave us their honest opinions based on experience and research, and guided us to make the best decision possible. Many times our minds were filled with negative thoughts, but they helped us keep calm by listening to us and encouraging us with caring words.

My wife and I consider ourselves very lucky to have ran into Pearl and Kevin. We made many good memories while we were selling and searching for a new house; my favorite is investigating the crawl space of my current house with Kevin and getting a crash course on foundation.

Our meetings and phone calls continued even after the home purchase. Per our request, Pearl recommended a very skilled, fast-working, yet affordable contractor who updated our house. She also reached out to several termite and storage companies for competitive pricing. The service that Pear and Kevin provided was so much and so vast that we are very grateful.

We made such a great purchase for the new house I don’t think we’ll need realtor help for a while. However, we’ll continue our relationship with Pearl and Kevin as one family to another and make more cherishable memories with them.

Thank you, Pearl, and thank you, Kevin. Seoyi is so bright and so happy at the new house. Thank you again for making it all possible." - HAN JOO, JAEEUN, & BABY SEOYI


"It was a great home buying journey with Pearl and Kevin. The first meeting with Pearl and Kevin was online due to covid 19. We started our home buying journey with the document reviewing workshop. Pearl and Kevin were really hardworking and prepared at every home buying stage. It was my first home buying experience so it was uncharted waters. I wanted to have partners who are knowledgeable and trustful in this journey. And Pearl and Kevin were the right partners I was looking for! (They are more than partners, they are friends:)) My family could find the best fit home for our first home. We love our new place very much. Even after the closing, Pearl and Kevin checked with me if everything was right and helped me to set up things for my new home. Home buying could have been a stressful process, however It was a successful and also a joyful journey with them. If I describe Pearl and Kevin with three keywords_Professional, Trustworthy, Sincere! I definitely would like to have this experience again in the future with them. Thanks, Pearl & Kevin." - EUNJAE LEE


"My sincere thank you to Pearl and Kevin for being the most amazing mentor and partner through the entire process of my purchase. For anyone looking to buy/sell, I highly recommend this dream team. You ask me why? 1. In the beginning stages, based on my wishlist and budget, they narrowed down ideal cities giving me a starting point. 2. Details, details, details. They will comb through everything for you. No stone is left unturned. 3. They never pressured me to buy and I felt they genuinely want me to find the home I love. And at times when I had forgotten my top 3 priorities, Pearl gently reminded me of those. 4. They work fast. Their combination of details and speed differentiates me from other buyers in this competitive market to my advantage. Lastly, they are just awesome people. They are so authentic, honest, and funny. These two are the trusted partners you want when in housing market." - SARAH PARK


"Pearl (and Kevin) and I met at one open house about 2 years ago. We were very interested in buying our first home but did not have much knowledge. She knew that and kindly arranged a few courses, teaching us from the scratch. Meanwhile, she brought us to see many houses, using these real examples to guide us on what to consider and to check while going to buy a house. We finally find a dream home this year. It's been a wonderful journey working with Pearl and Kevin. Pearl is very responsive and efficient in arranging almost everything regarding home buying. She always thinks of our needs and advantages. Kevin is really knowledgeable in terms of structures and materials. We love seeing houses with them because we can directly envision whether the house can be improved to match our favors with the right price if there is something we don't like. We have excellent experience working with them. We are really lucky to have them. Thank you very much, Pearl and Kevin!" - CHENG-TAI & CHEN-YING


"It’s been such a pleasure working with Pearl and Kevin for the past few months. I first met Pearl at an open house while I was just roaming around not knowing what I was doing. She graciously offered to help me out and asked if I was interested in attending some first time home buyer workshops. I said yes not really knowing what that was all about. Since then, I’ve been meeting with Pearl and Kevin one on one.. or one on two I guess (just me and both of them). They’ve spent a lot of time preparing information on what I was interested in learning. Both Pearl and Kevin are super knowledgeable on the housing market, the available housings in the Bay Area, and all the processes and complexities associated with home buying. They went over a lot of technical information and answered all my questions. I would recommend Pearl and Kevin with no reservation. They’re such a good team, with much expertise, and will genuinely put the clients best interests first. I really appreciate that their goal is to help me find my perfect home and not to find something as fast as possible. I can firmly say that Chic n the Geek have my trust completely when it comes to home buying. Also, they’re such a cute couple 😉" - SHANNON YANG


"It is with -- great pleasure -- that I write this review for Chic n the Geek. I was referred by a friend. When we first met, Pearl assessed my goals and expectations. She explained all the factors that come into play when purchasing a home. She helped me decide on purchasing a house vs condo, and decide on the city and then the neighborhood. I decided on a home, and I was fortunate to have also the perspective of James on the house assessment, needed repairs, processes. They both helped with me understand the disclosures, various options and in making difficult decisions. They drew up a persuasive offer, which was accepted. During the time of Covid, the lender pulled back their approval letter for the loan. This created a lot of challenges, for myself, my realtors, the seller agent and the seller. There was a lot of coordination to be made. They were both well prepared for the challenges. They referred me to a wonderful lender. In time, I closed, and now I have a new home. I couldn't be more thankful for the support I had from Chic n the Geek. Throughout the process, I knew I was getting accurate information, that they had my best interest first and foremost. I felt like I was being cared for in the same way by friends and family. I recommend Chic and the Geek, with no reservations. I would totally seek them for my next realty transaction. Thank you Peal and James!" - FADI JOSEF


"I've known Pearl and Kevin for nearly 2 years. I met Kevin while checking out an open house and met Pearl soon after. Pearl listened and assessed what i was looking for as a home and explained all the steps and factors involved in a home purchase. Both Pearl and Kevin have always answered my questions in great detail and always with my best interest at heart. Their Chic n the Geek newsletter is very informative, providing contrasting points of view and is always a pleasure to read. Kevin has a great deal of knowledge on home repairs and improvement in the homes I have seen. I hope to find the home of my choice with their help in the near future. I would recommend Pearl and Kevin to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. Thank you Pearl and Kevin!" - EVAN LAU


"Pearl and Kevin were the best realtor team we could have ever imagined! I am so glad that my husband struck a conversation with Pearl at a random open house in mountain view! People rightly say that the first impression is the last impression. From that day on, we never looked back!

Pearl and Kevin are so thorough with the whole process and left no stone unturned during the whole time and believe me, our home buying process took a long long time! They asked questions which made us think hard and prioritize our needs. Their questions made us identify our needs, wants, deal-breakers etc. They explained the whole home buying process in great detail helping us understand all the real-estate lingo, enabling us to feel confident and prepared. Once we were done with this exercise, Pearl instantly knew what we wanted and from then on, every weekend and sometimes even weekdays, we four were out-and-about, checking out properties. And in that process, we all became such good friends! So much so that Pearl and Kevin specially planned a trip to India for our wedding :) We are practically family now!

Kevin and Pearl make up for an efficient real estate duo. Pearl’s real-estate expertise where she picks out the right house, in the right neighbourhood, checking all your boxes, specifically curated based on your needs. Pearl finds out the reason behind your choices and she works hard to make buyers feel comfortable and puts you at ease with the entire home buying experience. After Pearl is done with her research, that’s when Kevin steps in, laying out all the structural details of each property, finding flaws that are not disclosed and even provides an idea of the potential monetary/time investment for needed repairs/upgrades. This helps buyers make informed decisions about the bidding process and when to let go of a property you like (trust me, it’ll happen!).

I totally understand that real-estate isn’t an easy job. No weekends, late nights, early mornings, and vacations - do you even recognize that word? The payoff is that Pearl and Kevin get to spend their days helping people make their dreams come true!

In today’s competitive market, it takes a lot of skill to get your buyers the house of their dreams and they did exactly that for us. They have not only become our realtor for life but our chosen family here in the Bay Area! " - SANJEEVANI BHARDWAJ & ABHISHEK BISHT


"We had lived in the Midwest for more than 35 years before we decided to move to the Silicon Valley where our son's family lived. After we found ourselves uncomfortable in the last two homes in which we had lived for six years, we thought we would give a third and final try to find a home suitable to our needs. At the first meeting with Pearl and Kevin, we explained our situation to them in details. They were patient and carefully listened to understand our somewhat unique needs in the Silicon Valley. Sometimes Kevin raised a few questions to reorganize our thoughts. Pearl were tirelessly searching for the right house in the right neighborhood, and Kevin, as an engineer, gave us his honest and fair evaluations on the foundation, used construction materials and stability of the candidate properties. They seemed to be trying to find their own house. Naturally it took us a longer period of time to find a home satisfactory to us than we expected to spend. Not only they have helped us settle in our new house, but also they ceaselessly assist us with everything including automobiles, plants, trees, furniture, mails, etc. Pearl and Kevin are down-to-earth, genuine and competent human beings, and they are our good friends forever." - JEI AND KYUNG RYOO FROM REDWOOD CITY


"I have bought two homes, have rented my house with the help of an agent, and have rented several apartments of my own, and I have never met an agent who is as caring and sincere as Pearl You. The situation is my fiancé and I are new to California, and we were looking for an apartment to rent in Palo Alto. It was so confusing that we decided we should get help. So I walked into the Alain Pinel San Francisco Marina location, and explained our situation. The lady at the front desk said they don't handle Palo Alto rentals at that branch, but that she would be happy to send a company-wide (wow!) email to see if someone in the local Palo Alto area could help. An hour later, I got a call from Pearl You, and we talked about what things we were looking for in our rental. Couple of hours later, Pearl followed up with an email with very helpful information about Palo Alto and the kinds of things we were looking for ( nearby volleyball, tennis, hiking, etc). Over the next several days, she was in contact with me every day, sending listings, and helping me sort our through various neighborhoods and homes. AND she did all of this without any expectation of getting a commission!! To this day, I have not met Pearl You, but we have texted back and forth so much that she feels like a best friend. We ended up renting a beautiful apartment in downtown Palo Alto, and I will definitely use Pearl for buying our future home." - SHAHLA NEJAD 2018 FROM UNIVERSITY SOUTH


"We worked with Pearl and Kevin to close on a house in the Milpitas neighborhood and our experience with them was really cool. We went to their open house to just check out the house- we did not have a pre-approval in place or have everything put together - however because we liked the house, they helped through with everything required and was able to successfully get our offer approved and close on the house! Kevin is a very knowledgeable person and can provide insights into the structure and other aspects of the house. Both of them are very genuine people and we enjoyed working with them. We would highly recommend their services." - MONICA AUGUSTIN 2018 FROM MILPITAS


"I had an excellent experience working with Pearl and Kevin, I am a first time home buyer and Pearl won me over great rapport upon our first meeting. She was able to accommodate me with looking at home during the weekdays, sometimes with short notice request. We looked at many homes and she was patient with me and provided valuable feedback. Pearl and Kevin were very knowledgeable about the neighborhood I was interested in and were always readily available for consults, even outside of normal office hour. Pearl and Kevin combined make a great team. I am very impressed by their experience and professionalism, I am very happy with the service they provided!" - WINNIE TSAI


"It’s my real pleasure to write this review. I rarely write reviews but I think any seller or buyer could really benefit from this.

I feel whole heartily grateful and lucky to have Pearl and Kevin as my buyer's agents. I cannot say enough thanks for their total above and beyond expertise and dedication helping me get my house, among almost 20 offers.

Pearl and Kevin is such a unique, perfect and beautiful team and couple, I was literally having two outstanding agents helping me. They are extremely resourceful, passionate, dedicated, patient and fun to be with. In addition, they are so impressively smart and creative, and sincere.

They handheld me every step of the way. I have complete trust and confidence in them. They even uplifted my spirit in the frustrating bidding process, while they try to work out a good strategy and deal for me. I think they were more nervous than I but they kept every one of us calm.

Pearl and Kevin not only helped me with the purchase smoothly and pleasantly. They helped me many many times after the purchase to do inspections and perform high-quality repairs themselves. They stayed in the new house late to replace/install appliances, fix stairs, etc. They totally treated as if it was like their own and try to make it perfect for us to move in ready.

While Kevin is so knowledgeable, smart, fun, and handy, Pearl is so creative, smart, charming and artistic. She provided some great advice and information on window treatments. They also have lots of good connections in the field in case needed.

I highly recommend Pearl and Kevin. I will definitely ask for their help again if we need in the future.

I would be very happy to be a reference for them if anyone needs it." - HENLEN CHENG


"My parents who recently moved to the Bay Area were initially shocked by the housing market. They were concerned about finding an ideal place within their budget, and Pearl and Kevin understood their needs and navigated their way toward finding the ideal retirement house for my parents. From the initial meeting with Pearl, we noticed that Pearl was very genuine and attentive in understanding the kind of house my parents wished to purchase. She was very transparent, thorough, and informative during the house hunting process and was very prompt in responding to our questions and concerns. What sets Pearl and Kevin apart is that they truly take care of their clients. They dedicated their time in ensuring that my parents settled into the house with no problems. Even after my parents moved in, Pearl and Kevin continued to help them with their questions regarding house maintenance and improvement. My parents and I are so grateful to Pearl and Kevin for their dedicated service and for the friendship that has been formed from working with them." - SUE CHO


"Pearl and Kevin were introduced to me when I approached Alain Pinel for Seller's agent.
I had a very specific house to buy, a very limited time to prepare and specific constraints.
Pearl and Kevin as a team were very effective at assessing the situation and making sure the property was going to meet my short term and long term need. They also came up with very genuine and inventive ideas to pursue this deal. It was immensely valuable in this competitive seller's market. They responded to my questions and informed me of the situations almost in real time. They were extremely detail oriented team. Needless to say, we were successful at purchasing the property. The consultations and assistance they provided after the transaction was also extremely invaluable. I couldn't be happier with this team." - LIANG CHEN