About Peter
Peter is a seasoned Business professional with over 45 years of experience in the Technology and SaaS industries. He has lived in many different environments including San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Nashville and Louisville and worked extensively in Western Europe, Latin America, China and Southeast Asia while paying close attention to and learning the different cultures in these areas. He and his wife call the Peninsula home and have lived in the area for almost 40 years and in 4 area homes.

Peter has worked in small and large corporations serving as VP, COO and CEO capacities. He has sold in over 40 countries globally to Fortune 100 companies, Foreign Governments and sole proprietors during those 45 years and completed over $1 Billion in transactions. He has mastered conducting all levels of negotiations

Peter was born in Louisville, Ky, graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Magna cum Laude in Materials Science and subsequently from Harvard Business School. He is active in a number of local charities and actively volunteers in advising local non-profit organizations focusing on children’s health and education thru Harvard Community Partners . He is an avid sports fan of San Francisco professional and Stanford teams and a mildly frustrated golfer.

If you are in the real estate market to buy or sell, you can trust that his many years of business experience in buying and selling, dedication to his clients and knowledge of the peninsula market will serve you well.


“Peter really understands the business side of real estate and explains it well.”