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Lower Merion School District (K-12)

Rollins College (BA)

Drexel University (MBA)

About Ken

My long experience as an entrepreneur and real-estate person provides me an unusual skill set that I bring to bear for my clients. Some examples in the last year:

 Problem-solver: I’ve crafted creative solutions such as structuring an offer with a client that included a low-side price and a generous inspection allowance, giving all parties confidence that the deal would actually close at a fair price, on-time and without complications.

 Hands-on/full-service agent: On the eve of a closing, a multi-state fugitive was discovered at the(empty) house my buyer was scheduled to settle on in 12-hours. Not only did I arrange for the FBI and the local police and bomb squad to perform a cursory search the property, I then performed a thorough walk-through with those first responders again the next morning just prior to settlement to be sure that the house was not “compromised” (let alone broom cleaned…)

 General Contractor: Acting on my own behalf I’ve found, bought built/re-built and sold 10 houses in the last decade so I clearly understand the processes of building and renovation.

 Relationship-builder: The majority of my business comes via personal referrals. My reputation in the community is such that I am regularly approached for professional and off-the-cuff advice and solicited to participate in projects as an advisor, agent and/or buyer.

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