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$101 million in 2021


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• Masters in Engineering


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About Raymond
Raymond Ni is a real estate professional and one of the leading top 100 producers in San Francisco/Bay Area. In the past 12 months, he helped over 50 families on buying or selling their homes and ranked top 1.5% of realtor nationwide. 

Raymond is currently a Palo Alto resident. He possesses vast real estate knowledge and experience that he combines with his high commitment to assist families with their home purchasing and selling needs. He deeply understands the neighborhood and the property value of the area. When it comes to purchasing your dream home or investment property, Raymond can be your best choice for negotiating the price, arranging financing, overseeing inspections, handling all the necessary paperwork, and supervising the closing. When it comes to selling your home, Raymond will market your home in the best way possible to attract the maximum pool of potential buyers, including international buyers, in order to get you the top dollar. Raymond values each client and strives to make sure each transaction is a smooth and stress-free one.

The key things Raymond values most are professionalism, in-depth local knowledge, integrity, ethics and premium services. Give him a call today at 650.788.9235. He can help you sell your current home and find your new dream home.

Professional Affiliations
• National Association of REALTORS®
• California Association of REALTORS®
• Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®

Client Testimonials

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"We have been absent owners, and also, I was a CA license real estate agent for over twenty-one years. We were careful who would represent us to sell our home. We like Raymond, a referral by neighbors who had spent an entire year interviewing many Real Estate agents before hiring him.

We had to remodel our home before selling. Raymond took on the whole remodeling project on his shoulders for us. His wife, an architect, spent time designing a new kitchen. Thanks to Raymond's supervision, the contractor met the schedule and delivered outstanding quality work. As a result, Our property got on the market on time and sold at the top dollar.

In my professional eyes, Raymond demonstrates the highest standard. There were thousands of steps, from remodeling our home to preparing the house on the market, then negotiating the top price with the excellent term to close; every single step that Raymond had done was more than perfect.

WHY Raymond?
1. For the property itself:
Raymond is multi-dimension with many rarely found talents. He is good at old house transformation. He knows well about building materials, renovation details, architecture, color theme, interior design, and landscaping.
2. For the agent's duties:
Raymond respects you as the decision-maker. He is loyal to you, giving you utmost care. He works very hard to negotiate the best possible price. Real Estate transaction is a VERY complex process that can quickly go wrong. His experience and deep knowledge help prevent potential problems. He is a hard-working guy, very focused on getting things done, detail-oriented, and organized.

He is very proactive and is five moves AHEAD of all parties involved. He means what he said and delivers what he promised. He is a doer and a giver. He acts absolutely in the principle of "time is the essence." He is very polite and dresses professionally. You will be proud that he is your agent.:)

Raymond has strong shoulders that take ALL our worries away. He always said, "Don't worry; give me your worry. And I will take care of it for you. "And he truly meant it. We were so touched by him. We even secretly called him an Angel in human form sent from the Divine. :D

Additionally, Raymond has a solid professional team: Assistants, the transaction coordinator, staging professionals, gardeners, cleaners, and contractors. Etc. They do an outstanding job. We knew we were in a great hand.

For you:
If you are thinking about working with a GREAT real estate agent who will take GREAT care of you, I want to congratulate you on FOUND Raymond. He is in high demand, and many people want to work with him; I know he has to be selective about who his client will be. Too. Raymond's loyal devotion to his clients is so precious. With the blessing of Raymond's help, I wish you all the best, I know you will be the next happy client to write an excellent review. :)
" - Jen. S.

"We are very excited to have closed on a house recently. It is a very good off-market deal for us, so that we luckily didn't grapple in a terrible bidding war. I have to say it would not have been possible without Raymond's end-to-end assistance. Looking back on our road of pursuing a house, the most valuable is his professional knowledge helped us avoid a lot of common mistakes and detours.

Early this year, we had been doing the homework when looking through Redfin, but this was far away from enough. We had been inflamed by anxiety and desperation in this hot market, especially with a limited budget. We needed someone to guide us through this path. Raymond was introduced by my colleague at this time. After getting our needs and budget, Raymond started forwarding us recommended listings and also commented on any house we showed interested. He has pretty deep insights into the Bay Area market, expert in every knowledge of housing. His recommendation was very accurate, matching most of the factors in our needs. His comments were much to the points. He could always put his finger on the problems that we haven’t noticed before. In this process, he helped us get a more clear picture of what our ideal house would be like and how we could get close to it.

Raymond is legit. We’ve never seen him boastful or conceited. He’s never pushed us to raise prices jumping into a bidding war. Having worked with Raymond, we felt he is responsible and considerable. He promptly and patiently answered all our questions, whatever some of them might be naive though. When we were frustrated in failing an offer, he called us to comfort and encourage us. His positive words gave us much more confidence. He is an honest man, never concealed his attitudes towards the good or bad. We trusted and delegated him all the tedious but “everything is important” affairs. He had a good control of the whole process , knowing when to do and how to do better, reminding us what we were missing. He did a great job.

Last but not least, as a top Realtor®, Raymond has been listing and offering a big number of houses for clients every month. It would be more feasible to find a good deal from the much off-market resources in his hands.

In one word, Raymond is a very experienced and reliable Realtor®. We were very lucky we worked with him in our first house-buying journey.
" - Fan Zhang

"The sale of my condo in Palo Alto just closed. I got a full price offer on the first day, which was a record for that type of unit in the complex. Raymond Ni was my real estate agent and I have the highest regard for him. He went far beyond what I would normally expect of a real estate agent. He took charge and managed the remodel of my unit, including choosing the interior materials that made it most attractive to buyers. He also helped with selling the old furniture and other activities that were necessary to get the best possible sale. He handled all the listing, photographs, and the excellent staging. I should also note that he managed everything while I was away in another state dealing with the purchase of a home there. I fully trusted him in managing the remodeling and sale of my condo when I was absent. To summary, I have the highest regard for Raymond, and strongly recommend him to anyone selling their home." - John Ostrem

"Our friends had worked with Raymond to purchase houses in the past, and they recommended Raymond to us when we were looking for good agent to help sell our house. so we decided to talk to Raymond first. On the first meet, we were very surprised that Raymond had already prepared a folder full of a very detailed study of the housing market and our situation. He then talked about lots of details on the house that we need to work on so to present it the best to the potential buyers. We decided to work with Raymond to sell our house after the first meet. It turned out that was clearly the right decision we have made. In the following months, Raymond consistently provided very helpful feedbacks on every details and very professional advices to us along the way. Once the preparation has been done, Raymond brought the house to the market with the right pricing strategy, and there were many more good offers than we had expected. Now, thanks to Raymond, the sale has closed. Looking back, it was great pleasure to work with Raymond, and we surely will recommend him to our friends for any real estate related services." - Benjamin Hu

"We've worked with Raymond for purchasing and selling our properties. He has very rich knowledge about housing and housing market, would always share that as first hand info to help us understand the situation much better. He's able to pull in resources fast when needed, things like fixing fences, cleaning etc. It's very pleasant to work with Ray and I highly recommend him." - Yang Shu

"Raymond is very professional while at the same time very ethical agent. He is the only one that we met has all those personalities. We were in the house hunt for a half a year and he took us across the bay area from Los Altos to Hillsborough to Fremont to look for houses. When showing those houses, he will not just state good things, he will put himself in our shoes to show us all good and bad things, if he thinks the house is not going to work for us, he will tell us straightly. After we selected the house we may like, Raymond will go through all details like noisy roads, gas lines, power lines, hazard liquid lines, easement, etc. He will also look at the map, if he suspects any utility/easement building nearby, he will point out and drive with us to investigate. He will make sure we buy the house with no later discovery and regret. During our house hunt, one listing even get mad at Raymond for not persuade us to buy her house. He is also very good when come to the point we need to bid on the house. He used all strategies to make sure we get the house. He is very helpful after we bought the house, long after. He gives recommendations for everything when we ask for. He help us on how to talk to contractors, plumber, etc. He helped us with questions about property tax, etc. He never grew impatient and always there when we need help! For all the above, I sincerely recommend Raymond for anyone who want to buy a house and need a trustful agent." - Yinghua Jones

"Raymond is everything you could ask for and more as a seller. He handled everything for us in connection with the sale of our rental condo, from ordering all of the inspection reports, to connecting us with an amazing yet affordable staging company, to setting up multiple open house weekends to make sure that our listing got as many potential buyers through as possible. Even though it was a fairly challenging environment given that we listed our condo around the same time as four other units in the same community (talk about bad timing!), Raymond adopted a very aggressive strategy and offered very pragmatic and practical advice throughout the process that ensured that our unit was the first one sold (and at a higher price than a later-sold condo that was remodeled a bit nicer than hours -- the other two units are still sitting unsold at the time of this review). If it wasn't for Raymond's hard work on our behalf, I believe that our condo would probably still be sitting unsold like the other two units. I would definitely recommend Raymond to any prospective seller (and buyer as well -- Raymond also helped us purchase a new investment property and is helping us navigate through the 1031 exchange process) without any hesitation or reservation. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Raymond if you are considering selling your property!" - Nate Zhang


Raymond Ni’s Listings

a living room with fireplace furniture and a wooden floor
a living room with furniture and wooden floor
a view of kitchen with wooden floor
a view of a bedroom with wooden floor and windows
a view of a room with wooden floor and window
wooden floor in an empty room with a window
a view of a kitchen with wooden floor and a window
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances a refrigerator and a stove top oven
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite countertop a stove and a sink
a kitchen with white cabinets and sink
a kitchen with cabinets stainless steel appliances and a window
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances white cabinets and a stove a refrigerator with wooden floors
a kitchen with white cabinets and a refrigerator
a bedroom with a bed and a lamp
a view of an empty room with a window
a view of an empty room
a view of empty room
a view of an empty room with wooden floor and a window
a view of a room with wooden floor and a bathroom
a view of a room with an empty space
a bathroom with a sink a toilet and a mirror
a bathroom with a bathtub
a bathroom with a sink
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
a bathroom with a shower and toilet
a bathroom with a toilet sink and mirror
a view of entryway with washer and dryer
front view of house with a yard
a view of front door
a view of entryway
a swimming pool with outdoor seating and yard
a view of a golf course
a view of a park with large trees
a view of residential houses with outdoor space and lake view
a view of a lake with a yard
a house with river in front of it
a view of house with outdoor space
front view of a house with a garage
a view of a backyard
a view of backyard with outdoor space
a view of a house with a big yard and large trees
a view of an outdoor space and swimming pool
a view of a field with an ocean
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
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