Becky Weidenkopf

Becky Weidenkopf

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Education: University of Dayton

About Becky

Becky Weidenkopf is a real agent who specializes in the New York City
market. She works with buyers, sellers, renters and investors to help make
the real estate process as straightforward and efficient as possible.
Whether clients are looking to sell, purchase their first or next home, or
searching for that perfect rental or investment property, Becky serves as
their trusted guide.

Becky has extensive sales and customer service experience, but her
real-life real estate story helped shape her real estate career. After
ten moves over 30 years, she found her forever home in New York City. The
whole journey was a hands-on education in real estate as Becky navigated
Manhattan's nuances, one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the
world. As an agent, Becky uses what she learned from her personal
experience to work for her clients. She believes finding that perfect home
in the ideal neighborhood should not be difficult, and with her expertise,
it won't be.

After meeting with clients, listening to, and assessing their needs, Becky
goes on a "treasure hunt" with them looking for the perfect property.
Because of her patience, she will not stop until they find the perfect
match, no matter how long it takes. She is not satisfied until her clients
are happy. Client satisfaction is her number one goal.

Becky grew up in Westchester. She now lives in Manhattan with her two
german shepherds. You may see them exploring the city on walks with her
camera in tow. She enjoys photography and has worked as a professional