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Rena Braud

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Real Estate Strategist
Qualified Negotiator
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About Rena

Confident - Knowledge - Experience - Integrity - Expertise

Rena epitomizes success and seasoned expertise in the real estate industry, with over three decades of experience as a confident, knowledgeable, and ethical Realtor and Real Estate Strategist. She’s dedicated to delivering exceptional real estate experiences.

Navigating Los Angeles' dynamic neighborhoods with confidence, Rena remains at the forefront of market trends, providing invaluable insights to her clients for informed decision-making.

Efficiency in communication is pivotal to Rena's approach. She maintains open dialogue, ensuring clients are well-informed throughout every step of their real estate journey, fostering trust and transparency crucial for successful transactions.

Rena's strategic negotiation skills empower clients to achieve favorable outcomes in property transactions. Supported by an extensive network of industry partners, which enhances her ability to deliver results.

As a Legacy Realtor, Rena's longstanding impact spans generations of clients, demonstrating her enduring dedication and ability to cultivate lasting relationships. Repeat business underscores the satisfaction and trust she consistently builds.

She’s also an investor, property owner, and landlord, bringing personal and professional knowledge of real estate to her role. This firsthand experience enriches her understanding of the market and allows her to provide comprehensive guidance to clients.

Rena's ethical compass guides her business practice. Operating with integrity, she prioritizes her clients' best interests in every decision, contributing to her sterling reputation.

Passionate about realizing clients' homeownership dreams, Rena approaches each transaction with meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge, instilling confidence in her clients.

In an industry where professionalism and ethics are paramount, Rena exceeds expectations as a trusted consultant and counselor. For a partner to navigate your real estate journey with confidence, experience, and integrity, Rena stands ready to build your future on a foundation of expertise and trust.

With 50+ years of combined experience and expertise, our team at RRE Strategists believes in empowering our clients to invest in real estate to continue generational wealth and financial literacy. Meet my Team:  Crystal Garrett, Clarke Ball, and Andrew Houston


Beyond real estate, Rena is a passionate traveler and photographer, sharing her world through captivating "Photo of the Day" posts on social media. She is also a creative writer, storyteller, and poet, expressing her artistic flair through various mediums.

Engaged in philanthropy, Rena supports causes close to her heart, particularly those advancing human rights, and women. She serves on the Advisory Board of A New Way of Life and She Angels Foundation, and is a Board Member of SovernLA, where she actively contributes to meaningful community initiatives.

Whether you’re seeking personalized advice on buying, selling, leasing, or any other aspect of real estate investing, contact Rena for a confidential conversation to discuss your unique objectives and current market conditions. She looks forward to speaking with you soon!

Client Testimonials

"She always had our back and I am forever grateful to Rena and her team. There are literally too many things to list that I am so very thankful for! -AG

"Rena is the best Real Estate Strategist ever. She has unparalleled knowledge and expertise. She successfully steers her client's expectations throughout the entire process! -Williams Trust

"Rena multitasks with confidence and precision. She is also a joy to be around. We were thrilled with the final outcome, and highly recommend her. -J.G.

"Rena is easy to work with and efficient. The support team at Rena Real Estate was also timely and effective. Highly recommended! -Patricia

"Rena was Amazing! She guided me through the entire buying process and knew exactly what I needed. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. -Enrique

Rena Braud’s Listings

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a view of a house with backyard and garden
a view of a house with a outdoor space
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a living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
a kitchen with stainless steel appliances a sink and counter space
a dining room with a table and chairs
an open kitchen with granite countertop a sink stove and cabinets
a view of a dining room with furniture and chandelier
a utility room with dryer and washer
a spacious bedroom with a bed and a chandelier
a bedroom with a bed and a window
a bathroom with a sink and a shower
a bathroom with a toilet a sink and mirror
a backyard of a house
a house view with a backyard space
a front view of a house with a yard
a view of a backyard with sitting area
a view of balcony
a view of a balcony
a view of a balcony
a view of a pathway of a house
a swimming pool with outdoor seating and yard
a front view of a house with garden
a front view of a house with a yard
a view of a city
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an aerial view of a city
an aerial view of a city
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