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Rena Braud

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About Rena
Confident - Knowledge - Experience - Integrity - Expertise

Rena is the embodiment of a successful and seasoned professional in the real estate industry. With over 3 decades of experience and expertise, she stands out as a confident, knowledgeable, and ethical Realtor and Real Estate Strategist. Her impressive track record speaks volumes about her expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional real estate experiences.

Her confidence shines through as she intrepidly navigates the dynamic market of Los Angeles' diverse neighborhoods. Rena's ability to stay well-informed about market trends and shifts allows her to provide valuable insights to her clients, ensuring that they make informed decisions.

A key aspect of Rena's success is her efficiency in communication. She maintains a steady and open line of dialogue with her clients, ensuring they're informed at every step of the real estate process. This level of communication builds trust and transparency, creating a strong foundation for successful transactions.

Her strategic approach to negotiations empowers her clients to achieve favorable outcomes, whether they're buying or selling properties. Her extensive network of industry partners adds another layer of expertise, further enhancing her ability to deliver results.

Being a Legacy Realtor speaks volumes about Rena's impact on her clients. Working with multiple generations of real estate clients showcases her enduring dedication and ability to foster lasting relationships. The volume of repeat business she enjoys is a testament to the satisfaction and trust she builds with her clients.

What sets Rena apart is her ethical compass. She operates with the highest level of integrity, ensuring that her client's best interests are at the forefront of every decision. Her commitment to ethical business practices and transparent communication contributes to her stellar reputation.

Rena's passion for helping clients achieve their dream of homeownership is at the core of her work. She understands the significance of these life-changing investments and approaches them with meticulous attention to detail. This attention, coupled with her extensive knowledge, instills confidence in her clients.

In an industry where professionalism and ethics matter greatly, Rena exceeds expectations. She is not just a real estate professional; she's a trusted consultant and counselor. If you're seeking a partner who will guide you through your real estate journey with confidence, experience, and integrity, Rena is the ideal choice. With Rena by your side, you're not just building a real estate future; you're building it on a foundation of expertise and trust.

With 50+ years of combined experience and expertise. We at Rena Real Estate believe in empowering our clients to invest in real estate in order to continue generational
wealth and financial literacy. Meet my Team: Crystal Garrett,  Clarke Ball, and Andrew Houston

Rena has always had a passion for traveling and exploring the world.  She’s an avid photographer and sometimes will post “Photo of the Day” on social media. Rena is a creative writer, storyteller, and poet. She’s engaged in philanthropic endeavors, especially those that support human rights. She serves on the Advisory Board of A New Way of Life and She Angels Foundation, as well as being a Board Member of SovernLA.

"Whether you’re seeking personalized advice on buying, selling, leasing, or any other aspect of real estate investing, contact me for a confidential conversation to discuss your unique objectives and current market conditions. I look forward to speaking with you soon!"

Client Testimonials
"Rena is the best Real Estate Strategist ever. She has unparalleled knowledge and expertise. She successfully steers her client's expectations throughout the entire process! -Williams Trust

"Rena multitasks with confidence and precision. She is also a joy to be around. We were thrilled with the final outcome and cannot recommend her highly enough. -J.G.

"Rena is easy to work with and efficient. The support team at Rena Real Estate was also timely and effective. Highly recommended! -Patricia

"Rena was Amazing! She guided me through the entire buying process and knew exactly what I needed. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. -Enrique

"She always had our back and I am forever grateful to Rena and her team. There are literally too many things to list that I am so very thankful for! -AG

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