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RealTrends America's Best Real Estate Professionals 2022 & 2023
Ranked #3 Individual Agent at Compass Brooklyn 
Co-chair of the Best Practices Committee - REBNY Residential Sales Council 

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About Ria

As one of RealTrends America's Best Real Estate Professionals for 2022 & 2023, and ranked the #3 Individual Agent at Compass Brooklyn, Ria Browne consistently delivers the highest level of service to all of her clients.  Having started her career in real estate at Stribling & Associates, known for white glove service with an old world touch, she added cutting edge technology, best in class marketing & data reporting to her list of assets when Stribling was acquired by Compass.  In addition, she is the Co-Chair of the Best Practices Committee of the REBNY Residential Brokerage Sales Council.

With careful consideration of a client's needs, Ria strives for a streamlined process to both buying and selling real estate in New York City, with particular expertise in townhomes, co-ops and the board application process. Her integrity, experience, and knowledge ensure best possible outcomes for transactions. Her client testimonials speak to her professionalism and calm nature, but what is unspoken is her discretion and constant involvement in every facet of a deal.

Ria has also earned a stellar reputation for her visual sense and design sensibility in getting properties ready for sale. From the de-cluttering and staging of a home, to the creation of marketing videos and interactive tours, all visuals are executed at the highest standard.

As a resident of New York City for almost 30 years, Ria has expansive knowledge and love for both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Client Testimonials

“What can I say about Ria? When my partner and I began thinking about buying a house, we honestly had no idea where to start. We looked at hundreds of brokers online, had calls with a few, and decided to work with Ria because our conversation was easy from the beginning and we could tell from her Instagram that she has a good eye—and, of course, because of the dozens of positive testimonials. I was sure she'd do a good job, but I didn't anticipate quite how much she'd help and support us through the process, from touring around houses together, to setting us up with an excellent attorney and home inspector, to advising us on how to navigate a sudden multiple-bidder situation, a sometimes-demanding seller, and an often-shifting timeline between offer and closing. She was level-headed and practical, attentive and responsive without being overbearing, and her professionalism and years of experience shone through. I also didn't anticipate how much I would grow to trust, rely on, and genuinely enjoy Ria. Buying a home can be stressful even when things go smoothly (as they did for us), and Ria was always there to talk me through my anxieties and uncertainties as we dealt with the multiple parties involved in closing on a house. She was also there to joke about some of the absurd parts of the process, discuss the varied aesthetic choices we came across (good and bad), and dish about the people we encountered along the way. We ended up with a beautiful house that we love, but we also found a friend and confidant in the process. I recommend working with Ria without any hesitation.”  -GM

"As a professional, one of the things that I really enjoy is working with people who are good at their jobs, and Ria is very, very good at her job. We started by picking over hundreds of listings online, and tagging ones that we liked. The first day we went to see apartments in person, Ria said “I added a place that I really think you should look at.” We went there first, and ridiculously, wound up buying it. It was exactly what we wanted. The thing is, we would have passed over it just from looking at the photographs and the listing. Ria brought us there because she knew the building, knew the apartment line, could see that it was a good buy, and guessed that we would like it. What more could you want in a real estate agent? She found us an apartment that we love."  JH & AW

"Ria is a consummate professional. She was the second broker to come in, after my listing floundered with another broker for months. Through impeccable marketing and strategy she delivered an offer at ask within her first week. The closing was seamless and timely thanks to her wonderful presence and a keen sense of the market."  - KP

"Ria is a wonderfully perceptive and professional agent, and went above and beyond to help find my perfect apartment in an extremely competitive landscape. Ria was communicative and quick throughout the entire process, from scheduling a range of viewings to putting in offers and negotiating on my final purchase. I couldn’t recommend Ria more, and would trust Ria with any and all of my future home searches.” - HS

“Selling an apartment during COVID times is already complicated, layer in an apartment that needed some cosmetic refreshing, and throw in some unexpected twists and this easily becomes very complicated and emotionally charged.  However, with Ria’s calm confidence and expertise, my apartment sale was expertly and smoothly navigated with her at the helm. 

Ria provided the people and the resources to implement needed cosmetic changes, and advised on the correct listing price based on an astute assessment and her keen understanding of the real estate landscape.  As a result, she sold my apartment above the asking price within a short time after listing.  In fact, we had multiple offers over asking.

Our process to closing , though seemingly direct was complicated by a few unexpected emerging issues.  Ria assisted in navigating through the complexities and helped resolve all questions to satisfaction.  The actual closing was seamless and thankfully uneventful.” - MW

"I had worked with Ria on a short term, large Manhattan apartment rental which we needed to get done in super quick order after a flood - and we needed to get it fully furnished on a temporary basis.  Ria hooked me up and white gloved the whole thing. The experience was so good that when I needed to find a “unicorn” apartment for my elderly mother I knew she was the person to ask.  I was specific - so specific in fact I knew the building I wanted but there were no units available.  This did not deter Ria who worked her network and quickly identified the perfect off market apartment for sale in the right building - negotiating the deal, including an early lease termination with the current rental tenants.  There was nothing simple about this transaction but it worked - and she was not only able to get the purchase done seamlessly but was able to get the keys in my hand in less than 4 months!" - ML

"Ria went above and beyond to secure our home for us, which at many times was hanging on the line. We had a very tricky mortgage process and the seller could have dropped the sale multiple times, but Ria kept everyone from jumping ship. Finally months later all of the pieces came together and we are so glad we had such a tenacious broker on our side!”  - QJ & GN

“Ria to the rescue!  After having suffered an unfortunate real estate disaster I needed help to find somewhere suitable for my family.  My situation was complicated – I needed a big place – high spec – short term let with flexibility – and I needed it furnished and staged asap and in a fashion that we could feel great living in.  Ria to the rescue.  At all times she was fully invested in what I needed – was my advocate but also gave me great advice.  I really appreciated the clarity of her thinking and that she said what she means and means what she says.  Of particular note has been her follow through – from connecting me to her friend who staged the property to walking through and making a punch list – to following up to see that it got done and to checking in on us after we moved in, the whole experience has  been incredible. I would highly recommend working with Ria – she will have your back and make it seem easy.” - ML

"Today we closed the sale of our Brooklyn Heights coop apartment. Ria listed it for us in January of this pandemic year and within three weeks we had three offers at our asking price. Ria’s advice as to small ways in which we could update the look of our home of 26 years and her beautifully crafted description of the historic importance of our landmark building was a big factor in attracting the interest of potential buyers. Ria herself is charming and cordial and it was a pleasure to work with her from beginning to end. She went the extra distance for us because we were living 2000 miles from New York and asked her to coordinate all the various steps that needed to be taken to deliver the apartment in broom clean condition today. Thank you Ria! – GM & MM

"Ria helped us to find a place we were very happy with, and helped in the negotiations so much as there was a customisable element to the purchase too. And so we felt super good to work with Ria when we came to sell the place few years later, after the pandemic, to return to Europe. There was some work to do and Ria was always entrepreneurial to solve some issues, always clear and factual and punctual - a lot of the fundamentals but just really professional and all around a joy to work with!!!" - SW

“I was nervous and apprehensive in making my first home purchase in New York City, during the pandemic.  Thankfully, I was introduced to Ria, who is incredibly knowledgeable about the market, instilled confidence in me, and made the process as easy and seamless as possible.  My biggest fear was working with someone pushy and sales-y, but Ria’s approach was  the complete opposite of this, as she never pressured me.  She is warm, thoughtful and an astute listener.  Through our initial conversations, she identified several apartments, all high-quality candidates in my budget, and helped me to rationalize why the home I ultimately selected was best-suited to me.   While friendly and approachable, she is also highly professional and helpful in guiding a first-time home buyer.  In viewing apartments together, she usually waited to hear my thoughts, before giving her own feedback, making suggestions or answering questions – I loved this about working with her, and found her to be a great sounding board.

Once I was in contract, Ria worked meticulously, and with the utmost care and diligence in helping me through the paperwork, board-approval process, and closing, following up and collaborating with all parties involved.  Because she is calm, and organized, I was too.  I anticipated a lot more stress through this process, but Ria made it feel easy and effortless – even as I’m sure, behind the scenes, it wasn’t always.  She was with me every step of the way, and now I’m even using a contractor she referred me to, on some home repairs!

I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Ria, and highly recommend her services!” -MM

"The fact that Ria sold our apartment at the price we wanted less than 30 days after it was listed, during a pandemic says it all! Behind the scenes, this was our home for 16 years and grew with our family, which Ria innately understood and converted to expertly identifying the accurate profile of potential buyers, and then finding the right buyer who saw what we saw in a happy home. The entire process, from taking the photos and video, to setting the price and closing the deal, was seamless and meticulously handled with a lot of goodwill from both sides (so much so that one of the lawyers said he's never been involved in such a smooth closing!) "
– SM

"It was a pleasure to work with Ria. From the beginning, she made it so easy to collaborate and discuss what we wanted, what was reasonable and what was really happening on the market right now. She was expedient, organized and methodical with our viewings. We always felt we had a strong advocate in Ria, and we knew we could go to her with any questions and for help with figuring out if a home was a good fit for us. As parents of young children, searching for our first home purchase during a pandemic, this could have been so much more stressful but Ria never made it seem as though it was out of reach. We couldn't be happier with the results."
– VP & MP

"From the start of our search to find the perfect apartment for our family in NYC, Ria was a knowledgeable and patient guide. She helped us articulate what we were looking for, refine our priorities, and navigate the world of coops - and found a beautiful home for us very soon thereafter. Almost everything about the process of actually buying our first apartment could have been a nightmare because of the pandemic - communication, logistics, recommendations for people to work with, the documents, safety, etc. And yet Ria navigated through the chaos with calm, professionalism, kindness, and intelligence. I can’t think of someone I would recommend more highly or trust more thoroughly with the work of finding and securing a home."
– SS & NS

"After interviewing several realtors to represent us in the sale of our late aunt’s apartment in Manhattan, we knew immediately upon meeting her that we would want to work with Ria. She is professional, calm and warm. She navigated a tricky sale (outdated apartment, competitive market) while we live out of town and we were unable to handle things in person. She helped us get the apartment emptied and cleaned out, was always responsive, and took care of a myriad of issues that we were unable to do ourselves, all of which led to a successful sale. We highly recommend her."
– LM

"Working with Ria was one of the highlights of my NYC real estate buying experience. She is warm, personable, patient, well-prepared, knowledgeable ... the list goes on. Ria not only listened to what I was saying I wanted in a home -- even when I couldn't articulate it very well -- but also what I wasn't saying. She curated all of the listings for me, and when we visited open houses, she would often help me envision what it might be like to live in both the space itself as well as the neighborhood, which I found very helpful. I trusted Ria's taste completely, and still do. Ria is incredibly dedicated and responsive; she made me feel cared for throughout the entire process. Even when she was away on vacation (on another continent, no less!), she would call to check in. I'm so thrilled with my first home purchase and am already trying to find more ways to work with Ria, starting with recommending her to all my friends!"
– DC

"As a first time buyer, working with Ria was a total pleasure. She is incredibly warm, and caring, but equally important was very professional. If we ever had a question (we had a lot of them) or needed something resolved with the seller quickly, she was very responsive to our needs. To that end, she was also a great resource for recommendations throughout the process including the wonderful lawyer she suggested. We would highly recommend her, and when it comes time to sell or buy another property she will be the first person we reach out to."
- JL & DK

"We had the distinct pleasure of working with Ria Browne this year while looking for an investment property in Brooklyn. Within 24 hours of speaking with Ria, she had us scheduled to visit several properties the following weekend. Within a two-week period we had found what we were looking for, which was due to Ria’s astute listening skills. Ria was also excellent with follow-through and answering questions with immediacy. Ria is extremely professional and understands her market very well. She has given us great recommendations during the entire process; i.e., lawyers, insurers, home repair companies, etc. We would highly recommend her! And she’s a great person to boot!!!"
- JE & RE

"Ria made the whole process of finding an apartment from the UK extremely smooth for us - we couldn't have done it without her. She was so helpful educating us on the process of renting in Brooklyn, and we really valued her judgements about the different properties she viewed for us. We found her approach really warm, caring and reassuring, and would recommend her very highly!"
– CC & SB

"Ria was essential to a challenging estate sale transaction. Her design sensibility contributed to an impeccable staging of a coop apartment. Thanks to her excellent sense of the market, the listing price was ambitious but exactly right: we had several offers in the first week. She was a true team player, and helped keep all parties moving forward, despite several speed bumps, to a successful closing."

"I can't say enough about Ria–from her willingness to educate to her professional skill navigating markets, boards and banks–she exceeded every expectation I had for an agent and was as much friend as advisor throughout my journey. When I ran into difficulties between my small, self-managed coop board and a demanding lender, Ria was able work with and across all parties–buyer, seller, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders and the board–in order to save the deal and get me to the close. Her sharp wit, communication skills and attitude would make her great at anything; her tenacity, expertise, network and knowledge of the market make her the perfect partner in the hunt for a new home. I recommend Ria without hesitation, and am grateful to her for all of the hard work she put in in order to find me the right home."
– NA

"We have been most fortunate in finding Ria Browne from Stribling. We are based in London and Ria has guided us painlessly through the purchase and subsequent rental of an apartment. She is professional, fastidious and tireless in meeting your requirements, affable and a joy to deal with."
- WK & SK

"Ria was an amazing and indispensable person to have on our team. She helped make - what is usually a very stressful process - friendly, natural, and honest. She fought hard for us, around the clock, but always managed to do so with grace and respect. Everyone on all sides trusted and enjoyed working with her, which really helped ground the transaction in a down to earth way."
– ML & JF

"Ria's terrific organization, wonderful communication and excellent knowledge of the business enabled us to find exactly what we were looking in a very competitive market. Ria is very prepared and does an excellent job of communicating with all parties involved and represented us in the best way possible. Her calm professional manner enabled us to move swiftly and with the least amount of stress possible to find the home we were looking for. It was a pleasure working together and we are thrilled with the outcome."
- KB & MB

"We would like to take a moment to thank Ria Browne for stellar service that went far beyond any realtor we have ever encountered. We have travelled extensively for business and have had homes all over the United States as well as Europe. We moved to New York from Los Angeles and knew nothing about schools, neighborhoods, transportation or the many types of housing in the New York area. Ria maneuvered us through the myriad details of deciding where to live, and the differences between a condo and a co-op. Ria was unflagging in her service and sometimes visited open houses for us while we were out of the state and then reported back to us not only with her thoughts but with realistic pictures that helped us see past the glossy perfection of the listing photos. We could never have found a home without her, and her skill in closing the deal was impressive beyond words!"
– DN & JN

"Ria and her firm provided an exceptional level of service that far exceeded our expectations. It was an absolute pleasure working with her, and I can hardly imagine a broker exhibiting a higher level of diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and—most important—care. At every step, Ria clearly demonstrated that she cares about her clients and her work."
– JM & SM

"Ria describes what she does not as sales, but as a valued service, and we couldn’t agree more with this. We received numerous solicitations from various brokers, but there was something different about Ria. She is the commensurate professional and helped us successfully sell our apartment sooner than we expected, and with exactly the results that we wanted."
– SH & PM

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