Rich Evans

Rich Evans

Sales Agent


Certified Negotiation Expert®, Green Certification
About Rich
Clients who meet Rich are impressed by his ability to evaluate the details that often get overlooked in the home buying and selling process. His extensive expertise as an MBS Trader (trading mortgage-backed securities) was an effective training ground for examining large amounts of data for the accurate pricing of a home in a particular area. There is nothing Rich enjoys more than examining the homes and evaluating the markets in particular locations of the city. He is quite proficient in studying the accuracy of surveys, appraisals and inspection reports and for negotiating the best possible price to buy or sell a home.

His pragmatic approach and natural professionalism are invaluable attributes for home buyers and sellers seeking the best possible information to make intelligent decisions to purchase or sell. Rich counsels from the initial search through financing, closing, move-in, and resale, when the time arises. He shines when evaluating new builds, older homes, and property conditions and offers solid, constructive advice on repairs and remodeling.

Whether representing buyers or sellers, Rich completes each transaction efficiently and with a clear understanding of the client experience. He says “Buying or selling a home can be a challenging endeavor. I work with my clients to help them make the right decisions by examining the property, the data, the reports, the comps—all the minute details that really need to be understood. I then translate those details and need-to-knows to help make what should be a good home buying or selling experience even better.”