About Rick
Rick Chanin is a highly accomplished and successful agent who is dedicated to representing and negotiating for his clients, while armed with skill, creativity, and market knowledge. With a background in business and retail development, Rick's expertise has been a powerful asset in the residential real estate market.

This experience includes leasing, construction, international buying, and marketing. According to Rick, "My ability to network, negotiate, communicate, and most important -- "close" -- has made my real estate career fulfilling and gratifying. Not only am I experienced with the high-end communities of the Los Angeles Westside, but the diversity of my past business experience, along with the comfort I feel in virtually any business situation, have been an asset and benefit to my clients."

"I have been in Los Angeles nearly all my life and have built many business and professional relationships," he adds. "I pride myself on my integrity and the ability I have to deliver on their dreams."

"Rick brings a great deal to our brokerage in terms of his business acumen and international experience. He has a high degree of professionalism and works very hard for his clients," said Scott L. Gibson, president and founder of Gibson International. "He also is very involved in the local community. We are proud to have him on our team."