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Robert Vitela

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Client Testimonials

"This was my first home buying experience, and I could never have imagined that it would have been as flawless as it's been, especially in such a difficult market. Robert Vitela delivered an absolutely stellar level of service, care and expertise that made the entire process feel completely under control despite its many dimensions. There's never been a point where Robert didn't attend to my request for information or help no matter what day or time of the day. He quickly grasps what mattered to me as we looked for the ideal house, never putting any pressure to move on anything that wasn't ideal for me. His level of proactiveness on all matters is also impressive. A great command of the timelines, and fantastic network of relationships to get the right person involved at the right time, relying on other experts when needed to speed things up and increase the level of professionalism. I was particularly impressed during the inspection phase where so many things needed to be aligned in such a short amount of time. On top of that, the negotiation skills were critical in structuring a final winning offer. Very creative and what you need to win in this market w/o ever putting the buyer into an undesirable situation. I will absolutely work again with Robert at the next opportunity and he comes highly recommended to my entire network." - Alexandre D.

" We have so many good things to say about Robert -- it’s hard to begin! My partner and I were first-time homebuyers. 2021/22 was a rough time to be looking for our first condo in Los Angeles. But Robert helped us break through the craziness and buy our dream home. We truly couldn’t have done it without him. He was with us from day one to close and is still with us as we transition from renting to owning. Expertise: Rob has a thorough understanding of the market that informs all of his advice. We felt like our decisions were strengthened by his knowledge. So many things we didn’t think about – but Rob did! He was an incredible resource and sounding board. Demeanor: he is one of the most genuinely kind people – we looked forward to every meeting, every phone call, every text because we knew he would put us in a positive mindset. We almost forgot how stressful buying a condo is! Never felt any form of pressure from him. The selling agents also raved about Rob throughout our transaction. Skill: in a seller’s market, Rob not only got us a great home, he got us a great deal! He was acutely aware of all negotiation points and navigated us to closing below asking. In LA? Unheard of! He was patient yet proactive – always moving the process along at a smart pace. Drive: Robert worked tirelessly, often at crazy hours of the day and night. When we were unsure about how much potential remodeling would cost, Rob had inspectors and contractors ready the same week to give us quotes. This helped us get a sense of how much we could afford, and was a vital step in the process that I didn’t think we could handle given our crazy work schedules – but Robert coordinated expertly. I can go on and on but let's just say if you’re searching for a realtor in the LA area, your search stops here." - George B. & Drew D.

"Robert went above and beyond for us in helping procure our dream home. He assisted us in an unusually complex negotiation in which he saved us considerable money and has been an indispensable resource whom we rely on to this day as first-time homeowners. We are beyond thrilled with our purchase. We felt very protected by Robert's expertise and counsel throughout the process and continue to value his taste and judgment on all things house-related. He was a patient adviser to us during our year of searching and never pushed, and in fact advised against potentially rash decisions which we, at times, considered. Robert is diligent, effective, reliable and great at handling unexpected situations. He is very well supported by his company and we really felt like we had a team working at all hours on our side. I cannot recommend Robert highly enough." - Jonathan R. & Jenni W.

"Robert was my real estate agent for my first home purchase. It was a learning experience, and Robert was there to help me along. We used the Compass app to create a catalog of homes of interest. The app helped narrow down which homes we viewed in the desired area. - John D.

"Rob is fantastic. With his help, I was able to make a competitive offer to buy my dream house in the Studio City Hills. I couldn’t have done it without his guidance every step of the way. He’s very professional and easy to work with. He responds quickly to all phone calls and emails. If I buy another home in Los Angeles I’ll definitely contact Rob! - Jason D.

About Robert

Robert Vitela is a Los Angeles native who brings new enthusiasm and an eager mind to succeed in the Rare Properties Team. Robert has a broad experience in the Los Angeles area. His engagement with a diverse clientele brings innovative ideas to the table and a unique approach to the industry. Working with Rare Properties, Robert has developed a firm understanding of how to close deals efficiently and effectively. He has a fascination for architecture and interior design, which keeps him attentive, driven, and mindful of the job.

"First; Real Estate is a people person job! I understand the importance of change and the support my clients need during the process of purchasing or selling a home. My ability to listen intently to a client's needs, while remaining professional under stressful circumstances is what I hope sets me apart. I strive to make every step a learning experience for my clients and myself, along with making meaningful, long-lasting connections based on integrity."