About Ron
Ron David Edwards is passionate about his role in improving the lives of his clients. Ron David understands that purchasing a home, most often times, is greater than just a simple property acquisition, but more so the establishing of the backdrop to where ones life takes place. In the words of Ron David "Your home is the epicenter to where your dreams are created, where you feels safe, where you unwind, and most importantly that place where you prepare for the greatness that’s ahead of you!"


Through this understanding, hard work, and efficacious passion, Ron David has become one of the foremost Realtors in the Washington metropolitan region. Ron David, who has sold well over $70M in residential real estate, takes great pride in providing white-glove service to each client, regardless the size of the home and/or the purchase price. Ron David is passionate about mastering the details and providing outstanding service, ensuring each client is satisfied, even after the transaction has been completed.  

When not touring homes or assisting clients around the Metropolitan region, Ron David enjoys interior design, cruising the city in his Porsche Cayman,   fine dining, beautiful shopping experiences, and time with his precious 14 y/o Yorkie Dachshund mix, Moomie.