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After spending years in San Diego as the Vice President of a multi-million dollar investment firm, Joe joined a prominent real estate team , bringing with him an expert knowledge of investment and single family properties. That team has since grown to become a top 150 team in the entire United States per the Wall Street Journal! Joe's understanding of San Diego real estate market trends helps him to connect with and provide the highest quality of service clients across the county. Joe best serves his clients by providing precise strategy and negotiation. Joe prides himself in his ability to hear his clients , rather than just listening . Joe is best described as a relationship - based professional. Joe will be the first to tell you that some clients are interested in a transaction and some are interested in a relationship. While he is happy to serve either, there is a clear bias for connection and service. Joe's innate ability to establish and nourish lasting relationships has made him indispensable in the industry. His keen eye for detail and understanding of buyer motivation will make your home stand out in the market place as opposed to just exist. On the purchase side, Joe's ability to create inventory and identify exact wants has lead to buyers purchasing their dream homes . Joe's strengths include, but are certainly not limited to: negotiation, valuation, marketing strategy, design, communication, and dedication

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