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From his humble beginnings as a paperboy and caddy in the suburbs of Chicago Steve started his professional journey at the age of 9 understanding the value of hard work and great customer service.

Aside from learning fantastic midwestern values growing up in Illinois, he can easily tell you which is the best Pizza (Journey’s End) and which lake is good for ice hockey (Dartmoor).

He arrived in California during the end of high school but still was able to craft lifelong friendships during his short tenure. He excelled in sports and took second in CIF wrestling with a broken nose.

He attended California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo. Sports continued to be important. He walked on and earned a spot on the football team as a wide receiver. After 4 years and multiple leadership roles in social and educational groups, he graduated with a degree in Business Finance.

Success for his clients, is what drives his ambitions. He built and continues to build his entire professional experience around all things real estate, so he knows intimately how best to guide his clients towards the accomplishment of their goals.

Do you think having a keen understanding of Real Estate finance is important to a successful transaction? If so, you will appreciate that he started his real estate career as a loan officer and after several promotions ended up working for one of the Nation's largest mortgage bank, closing over $55 Billion in new loans every year. This means with Steve on your side, you will never experience escrow fallout due to loan issues when selling your home and you will have a trusted partner helping you secure preferred financing on your purchase.

Is it important that your Agent has bought and sold his/her own homes? If you believe so, you will value that Steve has bought and sold multiple properties. (Surprisingly there are a large number of agents who have never been a homeowner) Aside from selling over 450 homes, he has been in your shoes and understands the pain points of the sale and purchase process and has worked to eliminate them so you have a superior experience.

Do you think you will ever remodel or build a home? Wouldn’t an agent with intimate construction experience improve your chances of avoiding the pitfalls that accompany any project? He started a house painting business in college and had a front page write up in the Orange County Register. He personally flipped over 11 properties turning a $30k initial investment into a $145,000 profit in 12 months. Steve recently completed a major renovation on his own home which added an additional $1 million of value. He has managed countless remodel projects for multiple large institutions. When Steve visits your home he brings this level of experience to guide you in any value enhancing project so you can sell for the highest possible price.

Having been mentored by top industry experts in Marketing, Technology, and Negotiation, when you hire Steve it is as if you secured a Seal Team of trained professionals ready to execute on your most important real estate objectives.

Does Steve have a life outside of real estate? Of course he does, but you are hiring him for the job of selling your most valuable asset. He will gladly share his hobbies post-closing. :)

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