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About Sarai
Sarai's love for real estate began at a young age as her father has been a builder in the Chicagoland area since before she was born. From as early as she can remember, he would take her to his job sites and teach her about the different stages of building a home and their importance. The foundation of a home being like the foundation of a person. A quality home is built on a quality foundation that is sealed properly to keep out moisture and made with quality materials to resist the movement of the earth. As is the foundation of a good person, built on integrity, respect and hard work. These are the principles she lives her life with and she still gets the same warm feeling whenever she walks into a new home and smells the fresh wood, paint and finish scent. Her love for real estate has only grown with her career as a real estate developer executive, managing countless new construction projects, from start to finish, and as an agent.

Her values combined with her work experience in home development and knowledge of the suburbs and city, position her to effectively serve in all sides of a real estate transaction. Her clients are her number one priority as she values relationships over transactions. She strives to exceed her clients' expectations during each transaction - especially when questions arise.

In her free time, Sarai enjoys spending time with her family, running with her dog, Jax, and writing.