About Aaron

Previously a collegiate baseball player, but after an injury that ended his career, Aaron was in search of something new and rewarding that would cater to his intense focus and perseverance. When he discovered the real estate business, he knew he had landed on the platform he was meant to take off from. Helping to guide and protect people through the process of purchasing/selling real estate is important to Aaron because it’s most likely one of the largest investments one will make. Aaron‘s charisma is what makes him a special part of the team along with the fact that he’s lived in Bellevue his entire life, so he knows the area like the back of his hand. Aaron’s empathy and focus ensures that his clients will have things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aaron is also a musician and in his spare time you will find him playing music at small venues or at home, reading a book, or enjoying the outdoors.

Compass Bellevue
10400 NE 4th Street, St #500
Bellevue, WA 98004

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