About Dan

Born in Redmond, Dan is a native of the area. By attending local schools, including the University of Washington, as well as experiencing all the area has to offer, Dan has developed a unique perspective on the Eastside and Seattle. This breadth of knowledge of schools, parks, commutes, and neighborhoods allows him to tend to clients' needs in a very in-depth way.

Graduating from the University of Washington in 2005, Dan initially had plans to go to law school. However, the real estate business pulled him in, and starting straight out of college, he's never looked back. His favorite part of being in real estate is building relationships with his clients. He loves getting to know his clients and their families and seeing them grow into their homes.

Dan prides himself on having a 100% referral-based business, which is truly unique in today's day and age. This means he needs to do such a great job that his clients evangelize him and tell their friends and family. It also means he is focused exclusively on serving his people, as opposed to spending time marketing to try to find new clients.

As his business grew, Dan started to build a team, with the purpose of serving his clients' needs at a higher level. Each team member specializes in a different part of the real estate experience, so transactions go as smoothly as possible.

With great agents, flexible showing support, outstanding marketing, and back-office support, The Dan Faulkner Group has got you covered!

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