About Erica

Erica Hachey was a Reese Team client before she became a member. As a woman in her twenties who had the discipline to save half of every paycheck for a down payment on her first home, she was impressed with how equally vigilant Eric and Renee Reese were about her finances. “Talking to Eric seemed effortless. There was no pressure, even though I had a small budget,” she says. “He made me feel very reassured and secure in the choices I had made so far.”

Erica had already been looking for a new career path when her experience with the Reeses presented an opportunity: “I’ve always been a people person. I love getting to know people and their needs, and getting on top of what they want—that’s the one consistent thing I’ve enjoyed about all the jobs that I’ve had,” she says. At a previous position as a software-engineering manager, she explains, “they expected and wanted the best from us, and I wanted to exceed those expectations. Eric and Renee share those values—they’re hard workers, and they’re all about helping the client, and putting the client’s needs ahead of their own.”

Erica joined The Reese Team when she became licensed in March, 2018, following four months of online classes she took at night after working all day—a work ethic honed through years of competition in ice hockey, soccer and softball. Those sports also taught her the value of team effort—“the importance of having chemistry with your teammates, anticipating their needs, and sharing the thrill when hard work pays off,” she says.

As a communications graduate of the University of Washington, the Seattle native has quickly taken the helm of The Reese Team’s social media and marketing efforts, which is especially important with their high-end clients and luxury listings on the Greater East Side, where the team drives more than $25 million in home sales every year.

Erica Hachey’s Recent Transactions