About Sebastian

There are three things you should know about Sebastian Martinez. He is obsessed with real estate, consumed books and art, and hopelessly in love with his beautiful wife and three daughters.

A veteran of the real estate industry for more than two decades, Sebastian has spent the last eight years focusing on a select group of clients who invest for buying, selling, and building impressive rental portfolios. Now, he’s reinventing himself once again bringing his experience and eclectic approach to the luxury market. “While other agents may specialize in particular territories, I do not,” Sebastian says. “I find that approach too generic and uncreative. Instead, I celebrate the singular nature of each client, delivering highly personalized concierge service.”

Sebastian gets up at 4:15 am every morning for competitive rowing, finishing at 10:30. His life journey is uniquely his own. And, he is thankful for the warm support of Angela Vargas; his wife and fellow realtor. Sebastian and Angela are enthusiastic members of the District Partners team at Compass.