Sergio Flores

Sergio Flores

Agent | DRE# 01450965


Broker Associate (17 years experience)

Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Foreclosure, Divorce, Probate, Relocation, Landlord

Languages: English, Spanish

Client Testimonials

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"Sergio Flores is very knowledgeable in his profession as a Realtor. From day one of obtaining and filling out all the necessary paperwork to purchase a home, to seeing the selection of houses for us to look at, to purchasing the home where we reside today, Sergio never abandoned us, he answered any and all questions we had, he made sure our home was up to our expectations and satisfaction before moving in. We have a great relationship/friendship. Highly recommend SERGIO FLORES as your Realtor!" - Debra

"This is, without a doubt, the BEST Agent in LA!! Sergio Flores will go the extra mile and will always be five steps ahead of you, carefully anticipating your needs and working to make your home-buying experience easy, rewarding, and fun! I decided to inquire about the process 6-8 months ago. He set up an appointment for me (which I reluctantly accepted), and it blew my mind. Unbeknownst to him, he won my business that day. He had a very professional looking packet ready for me, carefully walked me through the steps, and answered every question i could think of in a patient, unassuming, and easy-to-understand manner. As a first time home buyer, I had A LOT! He finished off the meeting by asking if I wanted to talk to a lender, because he thoughtfully had a colleague from a neighboring company ready to come chat with me, if i had questions. The lender came and answered everything Sergio couldn't (which really wasn't much, even considering questions outside of real estate!) I didn't end up looking at homes for a few months and he never, I repeat NEVER, pressured me. I told him I would have to save and try to get my finances in order and he left me alone, only checking in about once every two months to say hello and see how it was going. When the time came to look, the COVID-19 crisis was just getting more serious. While the rest of the world seemed to slow down, stop, or hibernate, Sergio was still hard at work for me, taking extra care and precaution for my safety and security. I identified 2 homes that were available, and he had 6 more ready to see based on my preferences. When it was time to go, he had a very professional information booklet ready to go, a detailed map between places, a schedule, and all the forms needed. Not all properties where vacant, which required a great deal of planning and communication, and ALL properties required special Coronavirus disclaimers and extra forms. His process for rating and ranking homes was easy and effective. I was blown away by how organized he was! I can't believe he does this every day, for every client!! When I found a place, he advised me on how to make the best offer, what options I had and the pros and cons of every move. I "cheaped out" and went against his top recommendation, causing me to lose the first home to a higher bidder. This was the first and only time I didn't heed his advice fully. He never said "told ya so" or made me feel bad. On the contrary - he continued monitoring and staying up on that property and when it fell out a week later, as he assumed it would, he brought it back on the table to my delight. It was too late though, because we had already found my diamond-in-the-rough in another home. The home I bought was a great value and needs some work. In fact, it was outside of the area I originally set. Sergio just suggested one day that if I expand my search a little north and don't mind an extra 10 minute drive, then a lot more adorable homes would open up to me - boy was he right! The home I found would take a lot of negotiating. Now one would think, "Sergio is the nicest, kindest, wisest, most organized, effective communicator in the real estate world, he most be bad at something!" If you thought that - you're wrong! Negotiating was another one of his strong suits. He fought for every little piece that I could get and when the going got tough with the seller's agent, he had to school him on California real estate law, which I'm sure he did in his typical respectful and poignant manner. Sergio always took my call and helped me figure things out. Even when I felt nervous, he seemed to know just what to say. Often times, the lenders or escrow agents weren't available, and even though it's not his field (which he could have easily said), he offered his own personal experience and wasn't afraid to say, "I don't know the answer to that one. Let me find out for you," which he always did quickly. These are just a few reasons that he is hands-down, the BEST out there. Don't waste your time with anyone else!"

"I've worked with Sergio multiple times now buying and selling 3 different homes. I'm not an investor or anything, we're talking family homes that my wife & I have lived in. To sum it up, I can't imagine a better realtor than Sergio. Sergio does all of the behind-the-scenes stuff: paperwork, scheduling, contacting realtors & brokers, more paperwork, research, etc. and he does it honestly and efficiently. He was always available for questions and advice, but didn't push us for a decision we weren't comfortable making. He understands the game and give us insight into why this home is so cheap, or that one is so expensive, and what should we offer, or when should we counter? Or when we were selling, he knew how to get us a price and a time frame we were happy with. Maybe the best that I can say is that I know that I'll be selling my current home and buying another in the next couple years, and for that I know Sergio will be right there with me."

"I am so grateful to have had Sergio as my buyer’s agent during the purchase of my first home. He helped me navigate the complex negotiation and closing process in a very fast-moving market, and as a result, I will soon be moving into a lovely, little house. Sergio was ready to offer cautious guidance or humorous encouragement whenever I needed it. He was super friendly to all parties involved and his professional dedication was instrumental in keeping the transaction on track. I met Sergio at an open house and was impressed by his thoughtful questions about my housing goals and his clever answers to my own real-estate questions. He took all of the mystery out of the process and made the stressful decisions so much easier! I honestly don’t think I could have successfully bought a house without his diligent service. "

"We needed to sell our house quickly and boy did Sergio deliver. Not only did he get things done fast, everything was so SMOOTH and worry-free! The pictures of our house that he had done were absolutely stunning. I couldn't believe that was our home! The flyer he made was beautiful and professional. It's funny that it's those details that stick out, but that probably contributed largely to getting over 100 people at our one and only open house! What I love most about Sergio is that he knows how to get work done. He is so easy going and fun and friendly, but also very straight with us. He gives his honest opinion and tells us what's realistic and possible. I completely trust whatever he says and he knows his stuff! My husband and I are clients for life. Don't waste your time with other realtors or Redfin. You won't regret choosing Sergio, I guarantee it!" - Ashley



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a bathroom with a shower
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