About Ali

Ali Koohyar is a passionate Compass real estate agent and accomplished entrepreneur, with 

over 15 years of success running his San Francisco-based real estate development company. 

Since 1999, Ali has leveraged his market knowledge and professional network to identify, 

acquire and renovate high-potential Bay Area properties in one of the nation’s flourishing real 

estate markets. Noted for his discerning eye for design and high level of creativity, Ali has 

spearheaded multimillion-dollar development projects, which have produced exceptional 

profits. His mission is to partner with clients to help them find or build their dream homes. 


Ali’s expertise in the Oakland and Oakland Hills real estate market is hard-earned from years 

working in construction development. Ali’s personal interest in architecture and design provide 

him with unique insight into potential real estate opportunities, which is appreciated by his 

clients. Known for his overriding commitment to his clients’ needs, Ali forms meaningful 

relationships and takes the time to truly understand each client’s vision and goals. To Ali, 

collaborating with clients and relationship building are the most important facet of business 



Throughout his career and life, the cornerstones of Ali’s success have been built upon a solid 

foundation of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Operating with a mindset of ‘treating others the 

way you want to be treated,’ Ali has developed a reputation for going above and beyond, truly 

listening to his clients, to deliver results and exceed expectations to maximize the experience of 

every client and business partner.   


In addition to his passion for real estate, Ali is an avid sports fan and personal health and fitness 

fanatic. To date, Ali has competed in several marathons as well as half Ironman and Ironman 

events. He is also the inventor of a patent-pending personal fitness device.


Ali earned his B.S. degree in Business Administration, with a Major in Entrepreneurship, from 

Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ali Koohyar’s Recent Transactions