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    About Debi

    Buyer or seller, you should be looking at Debi for your real estate needs. Here’s why:

    Debi is tapped in to the East Bay Hills market. If you are buying or selling in the East Bay Hills communities, you should be asking tough questions of prospective agents: How well does the agent know the area, the schools, the idiosyncrasies of the town and the building department; How much business have they done in the area; Who is buying and selling now; Why did such-and-so property bring such a high price — or why didn’t it? Ask Debi these questions, and you will quickly see what a local expert she is. It’s no accident. Born and raised in Piedmont, Debi has lived in the area all her life, her family was involved in real estate, and she and her husband are local real estate investors now raising their children in Piedmont. She is active in the local schools, church, and other organizations. 

    Debi has an excellent reputation and terrific office support. A licensed broker, Debi came to Pacific Union’s Montclair/Piedmont office when it was first founded. Pacific Union caters to the high-end market, and Debi has been instrumental in helping the company become a major force in the hills area. Now, as a director of Pacific Union’s Estates Division, she provides unparalleled service to buyers and sellers alike. Pacific Union is a destination company for agents: getting in is competitive, and you must have been extremely successful and highly ethical in other offices before you can join. Debi was with other local offices before Pacific Union, but this is the final stop in her real estate career.

    Buyers: Depend on Debi’s expertise. Since she’s a part of the local community, Debi gets information early and often. Friends and past clients call with leads about houses that are coming on the market. She hears when a friend’s neighbor gets a job transfer, or when someone’s company goes public, when someone is pregnant, and so on — all things that can trigger a home sale. When larger homes sell, she finds out where the buyers came from, as they may be move-up buyers who will shortly be selling their previous house. And if a Pacific Union agent competes for a hill-area listing, Debi often learns of the potential listing in advance, even if the agent does not ultimately represent the seller.

    Sellers: Debi’s marketing is the best in the business. Her marketing materials — brochures, print ads, and Web advertising — are second to none. High-quality materials (sourced exclusively through Fitzgerrell Arts & Editorial, which provides copy, design, and photography) are the keys to Debi’s strong marketing — marketing that’s critical to quickly achieving the favorable publicity so essential to a quick sale at a high price.

    Debi delivers. Office production and impressive statistics are one thing, but as a client, you don’t work with the office; day-to-day, you work with your agent. Your agent must be able to deliver the goods, and choosing the right one is critical. See and hear for yourself. Call Debi at 510.338.1306 and have a chat; ask for letters of recommendation and sample marketing materials. You’ll quickly see that Debi will do a great job for you.

    When choosing a real estate professional, you must be comfortable that he or she can do the job with excellence. Debi´s success in real estate has lasted more than 25 years -- through boom cycles and flat ones alike. Satisfied clients return to her time and again, and they refer their friends and associates. Debi’s personal reputation and Pacific Union’s history of hiring only the industry’s top producers make it clear: Debi Fitzgerrell is your best choice for all your real estate needs.

    Debi Fitzgerrell’s Recent Transactions