About Dina

A born and bred Sonoma County native with an endless network of connections, Dina has farreaching family ties throughout the local community. Armed with over two decades in the industry, she honed her skills as a transaction coordinator for countless offices throughout Sonoma and Napa County prior to receiving her real estate license. Capable of juggling over 200 agents while handling up to 50 transactions at once, the seasoned agent learned early on the importance of being thorough, systematic, and detail-oriented in her approach.

Equal parts adaptable and approachable, Dina quickly found her niche working in tandem with seasoned agents, Lisa Capurro and Tim Little. A problem-solver at heart, Dina’s became an integral facet of client support, streamlining the workload and helping grow the flourishing business.

Never one to apply pressure, Dina is easygoing in her approach and works to make herself abundantly available for clients. A people person in the truest sense of the word, she loves accommodating a spectrum of personalities. She prides herself on fielding any question imaginable. Suffice to say, she’s got an inherent gift for putting people at ease. Meet her once and you’ll get a palpable sense for her collaborative nature.

Having worked with a slew of top agents and service providers during her tenure in the industry, Dina routinely collaborates with a strong network of agents and vendors. The Northern California native has a strong love for her local community and is bolstered with extensive knowledge of the nuanced neighborhoods, school districts, and microclimates. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Dina tending her garden, playing guitar, sunning at Stinson Beach, or sharing a bottle of Pinot with family and friends like a true Sonoma local.

Dina Mogannam’s Recent Transactions