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"A few years back, we were on a quest to buy a home. Many of the homes our agent had us looking at were condos. It felt too similar to being in an apartment. Our agent was pushing for us to consider moving to the Fairfield/Vacaville area too since we could get more for our money in that area. With all of our family help in the Bay Area, we put home buying on hold. We saved up while we waited to get back on the search again. After deciding to stop renting last summer, we were ready to buy a home. We had spent much of our time on online websites looking at homes. Our friend Tom had just purchased a home and he referred Erik Mitlo to us. Any referral given from Tom tells us that he put his seal of approval on it. We met Erik at a condo in San Leandro. At that moment he was already reading us. He knew we were looking for somewhere quiet. We let him know we were looking for a 3 bed 1.5-2 bath home. He immediately put us on the MLS listing and homes were popping up for us to see. Every house we went to look at, we spent at least an hour at. We'd do a walk through and talk about what we had liked and disliked. Then we did do another walkthrough and really noticed any flaws or red flags in the properties we saw. There were homes we liked but we could always tell when Erik didn't feel the place was a good fit or he knew the home would need more work than what we could afford to put into it. Erik was always upfront with us. Whenever there was a house he liked for us, he'd always say this is a good one. We let a couple slip through our hands because we didn't realize that we really had to jump on homes if we liked them and we had to be more aggressive and competitive with our offers. Erik is extremely knowledgeable and could tell us whether he thought a home was going to go for more than the listing price which helped us make our decision if we knew a price was out of our comfort zone. When we saw the home in San Leandro, it was priced so that it caught our eye. The home went on the market on Thursday. We saw it Friday and put an offer in Saturday. After Erik spoke with the agent and vouched highly of us and how it was a great offer we put in, the agent accepted our offer. Although the processes of home buying was a little stressful, having to meet deadlines and getting paperwork signed, we closed on our home in 21 days. We couldn't be happier about our purchase. We are around the corner from the marina in a comfortable 3 bed 2 bath home. We have a wonderful neighborhood and it's quiet. We highly recommend Erik if you are looking for someone who is honest, knowledgeable, works hard for their client and makes you feel like family ." - Socorro

"Erik is extremely high tech and responsive. I love that he has great charisma and is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. He is THE most proactive agent we have come across. I highly recommend him!" - Farah

"I've known Erik for a few years now, and can certainly speak to his passion for helping people, no matter if they are close personal friends, or merely acquaintances. He truly is a genuine person, and want nothing more than to help people. I've just begun my journey with him to find my new, growing family a home and I know he will take care of us, like he has for the countless other families that he has worked with ." - Evan

About Erik

Erik has over 15 years of experience serving clients with their needs. He knows how to get top dollar for your newly listed home. A timely followup, contract and sales negotiation, marketing and a solid understanding of the market are just some of the things needed to ensure you come out on top.

Erik can provide you with marketing plans, sales strategies, contracts, negotiations, and the overall work that is needed in getting top dollar or the best deal for you.

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