About Frank

Frank is a proud, long-time resident of the Blackhawk Community in the East Bay and a local real estate professional. He is active with the Contra Costa County Board of REALTORS® and was named REALTOR® of the Year by the Real Estate Marketing Association of Contra Costa County for 2018.

Frank is committed to helping you make sound decisions when buying and selling homes. His passion for real estate goes back more than 40 years. Frank became interested in real estate investment while flying as a commercial airline pilot in his earlier years. A lot of comparisons can be made between flying and real estate. As a pilot, people entrusted him with their lives. As a real estate professional, they trust him with their livelihoods. Both take a lot of patience, preparation, and problem-solving skills to put together the ideal ‘flight plan’ for success and make sure everyone arrives at their intended destination.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you can benefit from Frank’s expertise in both endeavors. Every situation is unique, and he approaches it that way with a critical eye. He will ask about your goals. Then look at your options for buying or selling. He will take into account local market factors, short and long-term trends and other market dynamics that will affect your decision. Franks uses his knowledge and insight to deliver an honest and transparent assessment of your situation. Finally, he will develop the best possible plan to meet your goal of purchasing a home or setting the optimal selling price for your property. You’ll always get Frank’s advice that you can trust.

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