About Gaylen

Having participated in the sale and purchase of several properties, Gaylen appreciates and understands the significance of the impact of this process on people's lives. He relies on his own experience as a homeowner as well as many years as a business executive to thoughtfully, analytically, and thoroughly work through the dynamics of real estate ensuring that the client's needs are met.

Raised on a farm in Utah, Gaylen adapted joyfully and quickly to life in San Francisco 10 years ago. He enjoys the lifestyle and opportunities the Bay Area offers. In a prior career, Gaylen traveled extensively around the world for business. Now, he is enjoying staying grounded in San Francisco but enjoys travel, however for pleasure.

From his travel and business experience throughout Asia, Gaylen has developed conversational abilities in both Cantonese and Mandarin. His intercultural awareness allows him to bridge differences and cultures that make the Bay Area the unique place that it is.

Gaylen especially enjoys working with new home buyers and buyers new to the Bay Area. He can make them feel at ease with processes that can be overwhelming and intimidating. Above all, Gaylen strives to give his clients peace of mind and an enjoyable experience buying their home.

Gaylen Tolbert’s Recent Transactions